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Hiya Minna-san!!!!!!! Cutie Blossom here! Kind of guess this profile is long overdue for an update, don't ya think? Okie dokie! Let's see...I've said this about a million and one times. I LOVE ROMANCE!!!! I can't stand the drama stuff that makes me cry!!! I hate to cry! I can get VERY EMOTIONAL believe me! My dad's laughed at me for it!!! T_T

Some of the Animes I've watch include: Pokemon, Cardcaptor Sakura (where I live we get just CC, but I buy the CCS tapes), Sailor Moon, Rayearth, InuYasha, Ah! My Goddess, um...oh! Digimon, and Zoids. I know there is more, I just can't think of any right now. Anyway, here are my fav couples:

Syaoran Li/Sakura Kinomoto(Cardcaptor Sakura)
Eriol Hiiragizawa/Tomoyo Daidoji (Cardcaptor Sakura)
Ash Ketchum/Misty Waterflower (Pokemon)
Harry Potter/Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
Meimi Haneoka/Asuka Jr. (Saint Tail)
Mamoru(sp?)/Usagi (Sailor Moon)
Bit/Leena (Zoids)
Takoto/Ruki (Digimon)
InuYasha/Kagome (InuYasha)
Miroku/Sango (InuYasha)

Um...I think that's it. @_@ I can't keep them all straight. There are so many!

Stories in Progress:

~~My Daughter, The Matchmaker (CCS) AH HAH! Thanks to a great friend of mine, I found away to go around my problem! Isn't that great? ^o^ I thought so! Anywho, my problem was solved by...GETTING ANOTHER ACOUNT!!!!! BRILLIANT, ne? ^_^ The new account is named CB-chan! ^_^ I think I'm only going to use that account for that story though. I want to keep this account cuz you guys know me as Cutie Blossom, ne? So I want to keep it! ^_^ Anyways, "My Daughter, the Matchmaker" is being continued on that account and will be finished there! ^_^ If you wish to read it...go there!

~~The Broomstick Race for my Love (Harry Potter) Okay, I'm having a total brain blockade on this one. I'll try to start this one as soon as possible though! It's an H/H story! I PROMISE! I wouldn't have it any other way! ^_^ Sorry Nia! I'm still at a block! -_-;;;;;;;

~~What if I told you...? (CCS)- It's a S+S Romance! ^_^ Well...all I can tell you know is that Sakura and the gang are finally let out of school for the summer, but what's summer without any romance, amusement parks, ice cream, and...anti-rub of LIP GLOSS!? O.O Hope this gives you an insight!

That's all for stories! I will most likely have a new CCS story here and there. I'm hopefully going to do a E+T story. *Shrugs* Only time and ideas can tell. But, I will or might be a tad bit slow now with my stories because of school. *Sigh* I'll try my best though to get more and more stories up! Who knows, maybe before I resign as an author, I might have at least 50 stories up that are liked and not horrible! That's a big wish. ^_~*wink! There is nothing more to say! Thank you to everyone who has reviewed my story ! I love them all! Including the flames!

Ja ne!
Cutie Blossom
Kawaii, ne? ^_^

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