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7-24-06 ( I guess I had better start using dates.)

Well, it looks like I abandoned that one story, well not really abandoned, just extremely evolved. Its unrecognizable. So maybe I will return to writing it on its original storyline. I'm not promising anything.

I haven't been on here in a while, but I think I will start up again. I am trying to write a new story... again not promising anything. My contacts have to preview it first before I release anything. (I am working on the first chapter.)

Check out Deviant Art, it is a totally cool art site!

My site is http://

What is Love?

This is my question to you. It seems that many people want to know or want to answer what love is. It seems that to a person it can be many things. I fear however that love may not be put in words. I say may, because there is a chance, a small possibility that it will be an answerable question. I myself would try to answer, but I am daunted by the persisting failure of mankind. The closest thing I know of to the truth of love is written in the bible. First Corinthians chapter 13( i think, maybe its 2nd corinthians).Sometimes I believethat love can only be described when it is being enacted. An action of love. What doyou think? Have you found the answer?

Its amazing how will some people write. Its amazing what sadness their stories may hold. I love and yet I hate sad stories. They make me try. I like sad stories just not hoplessly sad stories, like Romeo and Juliet. I hate it when the main character dies leaving the people that care about them alone. It's so sad. 'sniff ' Okay, well I need to calm down...

Well, I completely messed up my first chapter, please forgive me?!

Okay, this is a revision to previous statements. I have just uploaded my first chapter of my first story. Yeah! Please feel free to comment on anything, and everything.


My name is Illeander...okay, so it's not, but I would like to remain an enigma. (for you dull witted folk enigma means question/mystery. not that I'm calling YOU dull witted...) I would never do that...

Anyway, if you have come across this your probably wondering, " Where are the things youv'e written I don't see anything?" To answer that question, as of yet, I have uploaded nothing onto fiction press. I have read some things, and commented on others. I am in theprocess of trying to figure out how to finish a story. You would want to be left with a dead end would you? I thought not.

By the way, if I ever lose in conversation, it is most probable that I am carrying onhalf of the conversation in my head. (in other words, my mouth starts moving and whatever has just entered my mind pops out.)

I'd like to ask you, what do you value most?

I myself am not sure. Do I value: my life, the lives of others, dreams, memories, emotions, pride, honor, knowledge? Who knows?

I am easily amused, and I like to make new friends.

Goodbye for now.

PS If you want someone to check out your stories, I would love to. I only give helpful and encouraging reviews. In other words, I promise not to write that your story sucked, and that I hate it. I will however, point out what you might want to work on. Im not saying I'm a better writer, because I'm probably not, but it is easier for strangers to notice the mistakes of others, especially if they like to read.

No, Im not really this stuffy and boring, I was trying the intellectual approach.


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