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A survey I took on myspace.


Name: Brittany, Britt, Britt Bratt, foxonfire, and more...

Age: 13 and loving it!

Location:whay do want to know? are you stalking me! o_O;;

Height: 5' 2''

Hair (color and style): red formerly blonde and currly mostly in ponytails.

Eyes: green and sometimes blue

Piercings/tattoos: ha! i wish... e.e;


Where would you go on dates? that depends...

Who is one of your favorite bands/artists? er... i have a lot so this might take awhile.

Do you drink/smoke? no and no thank GOD!

Do you like the beach? sometimes. i live close to one.

Do you like movies? depends on the movie.

If you were out at the movies, with someone, would you even watch the movie? um... o_o; maybe?

If not what would you be doing? -cough cough- do you really want to know? -

What would you do if...

I cried: point and laugh everybody! -does so- j/k

I kissed you: you did WHAT! DIE! ONLY SHAUN CAN DO THAT! -kills you-

I touched your butt: I'm going to kill you... =1

I got in a fight and you were there: i don't like you so cheer for the other person?

What Do You Think Of My

Personality: you suck

Voice: you were talking? o.o?

Dressing style: did you get dressed in a dark abyss?

Humor: once again, you suck

Choice of music: you call THAT music? -burst out laughing-

Manners: manners are for pansies. e.e;

Friends: wait, you have friends? -shocked-

Decisions: how would i know? i don't listen to you!

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