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I've grown up a bit since my last postings. I deleted them all, and I'm starting fresh. Though you should never be ashamed of the person you are, I'm ashamed of the person I was. This is my clean slate. I'm starting over. I might post some old things, but I don't want them to be stolen like they had before. I had my lifes work on this site, and stupid little girls took it and called it their own like it was nothing. No harm done, right? No. It really sucks to sit back and watch others get credited for what you worked hard for. And that same girl deleted them all, knowing I had caught on. So please, have respect. It's all I ask. If you want to use something, cool! Just credit it me for it.

I'm Olivia. My passion is writing, and I believe that in some sense my main goal on this earth is to write and express my opinions. You don't have to agree with me, but I love input. Read and review mine, and I'll surely look into yours. Thanks :)

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