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You all are probably wondering how I came to decide on being a writer in the first place. Well, when I was a baby my mom would always read me bedtime stories like all mothers would do at this time, before their kids turned into either rebellious, kind-hearted, shy, always keeping to themselves, developing into thugs, drug dealers, wanna be rappers or movie stars, a preacher (man or woman, whatever floats your boat), and anything else that they wanted to be. Well after a while of constant growing into the teenager that I am today, I've always had a passion for writing novels, short stories, plays, and anything else that comes to my mind. I've written a few beginning wanna be novels, but they've all hit the dirt or even made it to the shredder, when I had looked at them and thought "Boy, did I ever need the help at this time in my life. Just look at how terrible the words or sentences don't fit into the storyline". But after all that (and taking a Creative Writing class to help me improve at my writing) I've finally developed into the person whose stories, short poems, creative writing journals, and maybe even some plays (whenever I can get the chance to put them up here) that you read today. Also a bible verse in the King James version helped me greatly in the path of improving my writing skills. It's Job 19:23 : "Oh that my words were now written! oh that they were printed in a book!"

My name is...like I'm going to tell you my actual name. I will however tell you my nickname which is Cyrene Marie Bales; the nicknames are Cy, Cyn, Cyren, Cynnie, and Cynster. I'm 22 years old.

I like watching scary movies from Stephen King (i've only seen Carrie 1 and 2, Rose Red, Dreamcatcher, It, and Storm of the Century), and other sci-fi movies.

Televsion shows that I watch are Gossip Girl (just recently and loving it), Prison Break, House, Psych, White Collar, Las Vegas, Burn Notice, NCIS, Charmed, Fresh Prince of Bel-air, other stuff like that.

The friends that I have on here are Peaches08, Lily the frog Princess, Myfantasyobession, and puttingonasmiletohidetherain. The friends that I know from school are: Lily the frog Princess, Myfantasyobession, and puttingonasmiletohidetherain. I know them personally, and they have some really good stuff. So go check them out, kay =D

Also check out this website: http:/// If u've seen the movie already, then you know what i'm talking about. Also, this one seems to be down, or at least the message board, so sorry about that.

I have three myspaces which I put on here whenever I get the chance.

Also, i have another website where i will put other stuff up, probably poems than anything else or stories, or songs that I've written. It is http://www.fanfiction.net/MusicalTwilight89 So please check it out. Also, for right now; I only have favorite authors and favorite stories up so far, but go check them out.

I also have a mibba account which is http:///65847/ or better known as BlissfulNightmare; (the semi-colon is a part of my username, so don't forget to add it)

My quotes:

I changed for the good. (Wicked)

If you hate me, then tell it to my face, not when I'm not around or can't hear you.(me)

"I'm not perfect like you, nor anybody else, so stop bugging me about it already." (me)

"Never give up if you still wanna try/ never wipe away your tears if you still wanna cry/ never say Yes if you really mean No/ never say that your over him if you can't let him go." (a friend on website)

Notice: If you have quotes that you think are funny, e-mail them to me. Also to all the writers on here, (whenever I can) I have been copying quotes from random people on this site, the Hangmanscurse Site, and Myspace. I've been making like a little, well maybe a really long, booklet of random qoutes that I find funny and hope others find funny to be posted on here when I'm done or have had enough of trying to find the quotes. Don't worry, I won't go on publishing it and saying that I've thought up all these quotes. It is just for laughs people, so please don't find some way to flame me about it. Also to the ORIGINAL OWNERS of the three websites (fictionpress, Hangman's Curse, and Myspace) YOU ARE GETTING FULL CREDIT FOR THE QUOTES THAT ARE YOURS, IF YOU SPOT THEM IN THE QUOTE BOOKLET of course.

Also, since some members have placed their muses on here, I think I will too:

(this may be my nickname, but as stated I won't tell you my real name) Cyrene Marie Bales: the rebellious type; let's just say that you would never want to meet her nor get on her bad side.

Mark: was my very first muse before I had all the ones that I have now. Is a red fur fox that likes to cuddle

Satina: she's the one that has the printing fetish. You just can't make her stop until she has had all the stories and the chapters of them all printed out.

Notice: I'm in the writing process of writing four new stories; One is called (I haven't found a title yet) but so far the beginning starts off during Chasie's school pep rally. So please send some good titles that I can use. (If you send me a title that I find fits perfectly, then you'll get full credit on the title name.) I'm also in the process of writing a story called Ever Ending, but i'll probably change it to something more stuitable, and Hectic Lives. Notice: I've decided to not write these after all, but I will keep these up here in case I want to do them in later years. HeartbreakersHorizon

My authors award(s):

The Authors Award(s) are given to authors who piece(s) of written work are either choosen by friendships(peaches08), by the interests of the games or anything else(Half Breed Ishtah)by how many parodies can be formed with the music of other songs, and by how highly the authors and their stories are known by other authors on this webpage. So the ones listed below; you should all by very proud of yourselves. (P.s if you want to be placed on the Authors award, then send me a review to some of my stuff, and in return i'll read some of your stuff and see if it can recive an Author's Award.) HeartbreakersHorizons

Halfway-dreaming for the story Not Me. (Your story is well written about how your character has to go through life as a world known superstar. Very good read.)

Anonymous Reality for the story Addicted to you. (Which has become a favorite for most authors here on this webpage. Keep up the good work anonymous reality.)

Geno for all the parodies that he has written. (my favorite being Make a sound.)

Half Breed Ishtah for the story Game Freak. (a must read for all you gamers on here)

Peaches08 for being a friend and posting to my first poem on this webpage. Thnxs.

Galaxy's Guru for the stories BVB(Broken Velvet Butterfly) and TUC(Totally, Utterly Cliche). Keep up the good work. Sorry that you had to delete your profile on here. But i hope your making it and still writing, wherever you are.

Jaskey for the story ADO(A Dark Obsession). A very good read. Keep up the good work for all your stories.

Demon Tainted for the stories All Authors Dreams and High School Sadism. Keep up the good work

For the rest of you who thinks that I'm leaving you out; I'm not, all your poems, short stories, writing assissnments, songs, parodies, and poems are really good. So keep up the good work.

Notice: Some of you are wondering why i haven't update anything to my stories. The problem is that now that i'm in college, i just can't seem to find time to update anymore. Don't worry i'll try to do the best that i can.

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