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Listen up, m'bitches.

I've often been asked about my age, sex, and name, so I'm gonna be an asshole and not reveal them. If you really want to know, add me to msn. My email is up there if you didn't know (which I'm guessing you didn't, seeing as how you're stupid enough to be reading my profile.)

My hobbies include writing, reading, and listening to music. I think that's basically it. That is, besides being a completely depressing asswipe.

Color: Green, but I like the blue/black and red/white combinations. Mmmzmzmz.

Movies: Castle in the Sky, Secret Window, Butterfly Effect (anything that makes you think or laugh, not any of that annoying shit like Napoleon Dynamite.)

Food: Currently tacos. I'm having chicken tonight. Mmzmzmz.

Music: TRUE punk rock, screamo, post-grunge.

Books: Holy fuck there's a lot. Let's see, anything by J.K. Rowling (though I hated part 6 sdlkfjsadioht4), Stephen King, Cornelia Funke, Holes by Loius Sachar (who the fuck doesn't like that book?), Diana Wynne Jones (Howl's Moving Castle = mmzmzmz), Dan Brown (even though they're all very similar…), and more.

Biggest influences: J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe

Favorite poets: Davey Havok, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, e. e. cummings, Robert Frost

Favorite band of all-fucking-time: AFI

Other favorite bands: The Used, H.I.M., My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, The Cure, The Misfits

Other bands:

Anti-flag, Pennywise, Avenged Sevenfold, Coldplay, the Damned, Atreyu, Sex Pistols, Saosin, from first to last, the Ramones, the Clash, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New...

And now for my absolute hates:

Unreasonable intolerance to other people, telling me what I can fucking say and what I can't, telling me that I'm "getting there," school, Christopher Paolini (he is such a fucking poser) and his books (which are shit), Christianity (it spreads nothing but hate). And if you ever want to incur my unfathomable and awesomely terrible wrath, go ahead and tell me "don't take the lord's name in vain." That complies with "telling me what I can and cannot say."

Oh, and ... Words are, obviously, very important to me. I choose my words carefully, and I don't use empty words. So if I call you a dickhead or a cunt-eating slut, I mean it. And I absolutely loathe those that misuse a word -- Do. Not. Use a word. Unless you are completely. Sure. How to use it. Got it, all you mother fuckers? People basically rape words until they are forced to take on more meanings. Don't try to make a word carry more on its back than it can hold.

Bands that I hate: Simple Plan, Relient K *twitches uncontrollably*

As I'm a lazy bastard, I'm going to stop here. I've probably offended many at this point, either from my blunt use of profanity, or from my beliefs in certain areas. And I don't regret doing so.

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