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Hello, I'm an Australian university student. I quite like my science fiction, though I'm picky and only like the ones I can sense some originality and grandeur in. My favourite book is still Dune by Frank Herbert (favourite film too). It had a profound impact on me when I first read it at fourteen. Some other favourites of mine are the Night's Dawn Trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton and the James Bond novels by Ian Fleming.

I like occasionally stumbling on a good story here and I will be trying to get stuff of my own up. I do a lot of essays on topics that take my fancy. I hope that most of all it's thought provoking and entertaining, otherwise it defeats the point. I hope you enjoy my work. If not, help me improve it.

My major work is I, Veiser. I plan on that becoming a novel length science fiction story. It is set in far future when the human race was spread across space. In an isolated part of the galaxy called the Otremir several human civilisations have sprung up. The story is set in one called the Genetate, an oligarchic republic, descendants of the people from ancient earth who inhabit seven worlds, governed by the principals of geniocracy (yes the raelian thing!) since I've not seen that done before. Its a story of political intrigue, class struggle, space battles and sex crazed super intelligent nobles. This is currently on hold.

I have also posted other essays, mostly old school assignments where I picked controversial topics such as proving the roman empire actually 'fell' in 1922. My 'How to fix..." series is an essay at a time look by an opinionated Australian how to politically reform the world, one nation at a time. Its a bit of a community service one to put my ideas out there so I can sleep at night knowing I've done my bit for the world.

Current Projects

Kids These Days: I am working on a collaborate story with another FP author Jave Harron which has the working title of Kids These Days. This is a near future story about three online friends who unwittingly create a living programme that turns into the greatest criminal enterprise in history. Check out Jave's profile to find it.

Daniel Crown series: In the year 2162 there is only one Interplanetary Man of Mystery: Daniel Crown. He is the suave, ruthless and very sexual Solar Intelligence agent who must defend the established order existential threats, nanarchists, religious fanatics, AGI crime syndicates and the supervillians of tomorrow. This will be an action/adventure series and obvious homage to another fictional agent that combines the fun and sexiness of the 60s spy genre with a hard science fiction setting of 22nd century civilisation. There are currently three Daniel Crown stories being written with the current working titles:

DC1: The Devil You Don't Know

DC2: The Man with the Diamond Swarm

DC3: White Dawn Rising

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