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Hello. I am Kevin Miles. My alias is Icthoid Matro Coselos (ik-tho-eed mat-row ko-selos), if you want to know what icthoid (an actual word)means and the history behind it just ask me. I only recently started writing and only continue because of the loving support of my friends and the honest compliments i've gotten so far. The poems don't do much more than show what I think of life, not life as one would normaly look at it, but in a way that would make one think.

If my poetry seems sad to you, it's because i'm a very happy person. I only use poetry to vent the sadness. I also have two happy poems for every one sad one. Sometimes in my angst, a vent was needed... and sadly enough i seemed only get the reveiws on the sad ones. I also beleive that keeping some for yourself is something good too. I don't post all my stuff, and the stuff i do post is often relatable by those who are sad or depressed. it's only a vent... and sometimes reading other people's vent is a good way for you to do it yourself. Thank you, and enjoy if you can.

Please R&R (read andreveiw)all of my writing, not necessarily my stories but my rants. Your reviews are much appreciated (i do like constructive criticism)

I'd like to warn everyone in advance i haven't gotten to the final draft on most of my work as of yet, and am working hard to refine it. if you see errors please notify me. I've been quite buisy lately so i haven't been able to spend much time in thought, and have had barely any repose. *5 years later*- uhmm... (life got distracting.)

I've written a few more of everything... poems, stories, rants- if you want me to send you any, just ask.

Favorite quotes:

"If the world isn't spinning your way, turn around" - a new rendition of lyricsfrom FIF, by me.

"Beauty exists to be beautiful to someone." - me, but i might have heard it somewhere

"Who needs personal space when you can just share someone else's?!" -ALL ME

"I don't know what your problem is, but i'm sure it's hard to pronounce!"

"If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?" - I bet that was Confucious!

"Living without love isn't living at all, it's dying." - ME!

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."
- Les Brown

Alright... Now for a favorites list...

Top Poems- My Dreary Heart (angst), The Life of My Lost Love's Lament(dark), Searching for the song in our soul (angst), The Echoes of My Mind (angst), and Cliché (angst)

Top Humerous Articles- Our Parents: Changing to Torture Us Better and My Evil Plan to Save the World

Top Rants- Definetly has to be these two: The Greatest Adventure- and Why darkness intrigues us all

Top Misc.- A Dream of Four Worldsand Extreme Reprieve in this Haven(both in a dream state)

Top Story-Kataque- all the way! it's my best, inspired and co-authored by one of my friends... (she said i could post it... and she didn't help me out yet!) please read this.. it's my best story ever... and it's really quite good if i may say so.

Soon to be posted- "Never Heard" a story of the discovery of an abandoned angelic city... breathable water, weird contraptions, heaven in short... lost, forgotten, abandoned after wars... check it out... if i ever get around to posting it

P.S- THANK YOU TO ALL MY REVEIWERS!!!, over 250 reveiws... 250!!!!!!!...and counting!!! (I'll still try to reveiw you when you reveiw me,IF IT'S TAKING A WHILE E-MAIL MEand i'll remember, thanks... i like repaying favours .!!)

The color of my eyes (what I see life with): "dazzling blue" there's some silver in there... how? I don't know! (p.s. one eye has a malfunctioning iris, so it doesn't contract... how cool is that! I mean, it looks like one of my pupils is bigger than the other ALL THE TIME! it's cool _

COT (concussions over time): I've had 8 concussions... yeah... i should be dead... what of it?

favorite bands: Audio Adenaline, Casting Crowns, Switchfoot, Supertones, Five Iron Frenzy, Newsboys, DC Talk, Jars of Clay, Cross movement, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Micheal W. Smith.

fur ivrywuns unfurmashion iwuz homeskoolerded- Now i attend a public establishment.

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