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Dani's Update: June 18th: Chapter 11 is up and unlike ch. 10... I love this one! Yes, this is me tooting my own horn. It was a difficult chapter to write but I am happy with the results! Go check it out...! Chapter 12 is rolling around in my mind and outlined in my little TSaFC notebook but it's not written. I don't know when that will be happening because I'm very busy at the moment... but fear not, I will procrastinate my pretty little butt off and write in stead of succeeding in class ;)

Hello there, and welcome to my profile...

Well, what would you like to know? My name is Daniela Serodio. I'm 21 and Venezuelan. I've moved too many times to bore you with (let's suffice with my admission of having lived in 3 different countries). Currently I'm in Canada, studying at the University of Guelph while my parents are living in Toronto.

Hopefully we won't move again... I like it here -- LONG LIVE THE GREAT WHITE NORTH

FP. Stories:

To Save A Falling Country: Very loosely based on the political situation in Venezuela. The story of three friends doing what they can to save their beloved country from the hands of their oppressive government. Two have special abilities and the potential to be heroes. One chooses to use these powers to help control the government-hired terrorist, the other became an assassin for an international organization wanting to end the oppression. The last friend's only power is the ability to go against the government as an anonymous DJ in an underground online radio station--the last free medium. All about character development. Action: Supernatural/Romance

FP. Poetry

Glory to the Brave People: A selection of poems I wrote for my creative writing class on Venezuela. I discuss Venezuela's political situation, Venezuelans and how we are and things that have happened (in general, to others and to me). Some of them will be harder to understand than others, specially if you're not aware of Venezuela's current political situation and it's history but I am willing to talk about it, so if you are interested, just let me know. No flaming, please. General: Drama

Up-coming Stories:

Stories previously on FP.:

Amanda Carmel: Amanda finds out that she's what the common man calls a "witch," but she's not. She's a polleo, the strongest one in centuries! And after tragedy strikes home she has to run to the only place that can offer her safety and security. But she soon finds out that the Inside is not so safe or so secure; not to mention more complicated than even the Insiders know, especially when mistakes and actions of the past become Amanda's and her friend's present. Fantasy: Romance/Supernatural

My Nana: Short story of a girl as she copes with the slow death of her grandmother. General: Drama

Stories that were not previously on FP:

Sequel to Amanda Carmel (untitled as of yet): After the Renor becomes stronger and stronger and finally come out in the public, killing and terrorizing all the Outsiders. Amanda and other Insiders go to the Outside to fight the Renor and protect those who can't protect themselves. Fantasy: Romance/Supernatural

Bringers of Hope: Speranza was a friendless, detached and ambition-less part time college student. She thought it was because of her own father's hermit-like tendencies until a stranger tells her that she is a half-breed. Not truly human, but not a part of the Bringers of Hope, either--an unfeeling and emotionless people who's only mission is to give humans hope and faith. Yet lately, humanity's hope has been failing and with it the Bringers of Hope. To accept their two half-breeds, and in so connect to humanity, is their last chance. Spiritual: Drama/ Romance

For random info about me that might lead you new stalk-ish levels, read below:

-DoB: Dec. 28 1987

-Ancestry: 2 grandparents from Spain, 1 from Portugal and 1 from Syria

-Religion: Jewish by birth, Atheist by practice and PASTAFARIAN by amusement (Flying Spaghetti Monster... anyone? anyone?)

-Fav. Authors: Robert Jordan, Michael Crichton, Dan Brown, Anne Rice, Terry Pratchett

-Fav. Poet: (though I don't like poetry too much) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

-Fav. Poem: "The World" by Henry Vaughan

-Fav. Books: Harry Potter, The Andromeda Strain, Angels & Demons, Count of Montecristo, Wheel of Time Series, Discworld Series

-Fav. Movies: The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Lords of Dogtown, Sybil, Bruce Almighty, Count of Montecristo, Cry Baby, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Kate and Leopold, Peter Pan (the people one), Le Chorists, La Mala Educación, Y Tu Mamá Tambien, Anastacia, Billy Elliot, Ratatouille, El Laberinto del Fauno, Fern Gully, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Speed Racer.

-Fav. Sports: sleeping, eating and facebook stalking (yes, they're sports and I won't hear a word against it!)

-Fav. Real Sport (to watch, 'cause I don't play): soccer. International Team: Portugal

-Fav. TV show: The Big Bang Theory (Dr. Sheldon Cooper rocks my socks off!), So You Think You Can Dance, America's Best Dance Crew

-Future Plans: 1) Graduate from the Environmental Science program in the Univesity of Guelph 2) Go to some sort of graduate program (in what? Don't know!) 3) Save the world

-TV shows that should have never been canceled: Do Over, Witchblade, Birds of Prey and My So-Called Life.

-Fav. Quotes: (and no, I'm not going to put something as corny as Carpe Diem, specially since I don't... seize the day, I mean)

"Hope is a thing with feathers / That perches on the soul, / And sings the tune without words / And never stops at all." - Emily Dickinson

"Caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar." -Antonio Machado (translation: "Walker there is no path, the path is made by walking.")

"Dance well with a woman and she is halfway yours," also "Dance with her, and she will forgive much; dance well, and she will forgive anything." - Matrim Cauthon, Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan

-Fav. Bands/Artists: Queen, Green Day, Jet, Mana, Ricardo Arjona, La Ley, U2, Safri Duo, DJ Tiesto, Juanes, The Beatles, Oasis, Alejandro Sanz, Andrea Bocelli and Tiziano Ferro

-Languages I speak: Spanish, English, understand Portuguese (but don't ask me to reproduce any of the sounds) and I'm currently learning French

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