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Hi! my name is... i am...and i live in...i lvoe listenning to music, reading and watching TV. I am also known to be a shopping fanatic...it's scary. I love Eminem and all otehr Hip-hop and rap songs. I love writing althoguh i've gone lazy now..sorry about that.

July 14, 2005

hey everyone! i know i haven't updated in a while and i am soooo sorry abotu that. It's already summer, so i have no excuses as to not update. THe reason is cause that i no longer have any inspiration to update or continue writing...i'm sorry. I'll really try to update, but you can't count on it. I'd jut like to thank those who have reviewed my stories...u guys are the best!

i just wanted to thank everyone who reviewed my stories!! u guys are awesome!! but..poeople are getting really confused with my story "Blast From The Past(on short hiatus)"( i don't really blame them too...) so i'm here to help u guys out okay??...kinda

The Twins: They are Kyle's and they are 2 years old. So that means, they can't speak as well as they really did (unless they're geniuses). They're eyes are the same as Kyle's, which are green. NOT blue eyes...GREEN!!! they have Jessica's blon hair though and they look really cute!!

Kyle: Jessica's ex. He likes her but only is her 'friend' so far. He has blond hair and he has green eyes. He's slow too! ( he couldn't even tell that the girls were his!). He's a new model who is around 6'3 and has abs. He is 25 years old too!!

Jessica: The main character!! she is sarcastic, but fun.she has blue eyes and blond hair. She's a model who is 24 years old. A year younger than Kyle. She is around 5'9 or 5'10.

Ralph: Her gay best friend who acts more like a straight man than a gay one. He is protective of Jessica and the twins. He's her manager. He has a boyfriend named clarke (my friends??...u know how CLARKE is right????). Also he's around 6'1 and also muscualr, but not as muscular as Kyle. He has really very cute brown eyes and a sweet smile. He's the same age as Kyle.


Brianna Carlson : Brown hair. Green eyes. 5’10

Jake Matthews: Brown hair. Hazel eyes. 6’2

Mr.Collect: Fat bald guy. Principal. 5’8

Brianna's best friend:

Samantha (violet eyes. She’s the ‘rebel’ of the group. She also has blond hair but its all dyed with different colors each week.)

Kate (nice and understanding one. Brown eyes. Red hair)

Kylie (perky and hyper one. She’s a cheerleader but really smart. Blonde and green eyes. dating James)

John (protective of his friends. Black hair and brown eyes)

Carla (calm and always collective one. Brown eyes and black hair. also very moody)

James (always talking and really loud)

Daniel (has a slight crush on Kate and a player, but not as notorious as Jake)

Jake's Best friends:

Mark (a football player. Not a player. He’s a really sweet guy. Green eyes and blond hair.)

Brian (A very notorious player. But not as much as Jake. Blue eyes and has black hair)

Zack (The joker of the group. Brown eyes and brown hair)

James (Another football player. He’s going steady with kylie. He hangs out with both Rian and Jake)

Jennifer: slut of the Madison school. Loves Jake but can never get into his pants.

Blast From The Past: on short hiatus

Striking Back: Not sure about this one yet...i'll try to do a chapter for u guys.

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