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Profile updated: July 2, 2010. Haha, I have finally finished another chapter. Now why on earth does it take me so long to write? Cause sometimes I don't have the little details all planned out! Can't believe I'm on chapter 20 of Mystical Wish already, haha! Please continue to motivate me and don't give up on me! If you would like to read about my little rants about life that has no relation to my story, search me up on lifejournal! My username is eternaldreams11 (snowpuppy was taken, but that one is another name I use a lot on the internet!). Anyway, if you have anything you want to say to me, feel free to PM me!

Mystical Wish Chatper 20: Complete!
Mystical Wish Chapter 21: In progress.

Forever and Ever Chapter 3: Complete!
Forever and Ever Chapter 4: In progress.

Heart's Garden Chapter 3: Complete!
Heart's Garden Chapter 4: In progress.

One more thing, Mystical Wish is still my main focus, 'cause I've been spending so much time on it and I like it...lol so the second story might be updated slower, but for those who read my second story, try the first one!

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me with a proper subject title so I know that it's about my story... (like the title, my penname, character's names, etc.) This is because I get pretty suspicious about my mail...you have no idea how suspicious (just joking). So fire your questions away. They will definitely come faster than my chapters (something I should be ashamed of...)

Thank you for reviewing! I really enjoyed your questions! To explain a few things, I will be replying all reviews here...

To Gigglebug (I'm sure a lot of people would want some answers to the problem you addressed as well, so I hope you don't mind me putting the reply here),

Wow, you're so fast. Haha, thanks for correcting some of my mistakes once again. I have now rewritten some parts based on my judgement, so if you want you can take another look at it, please don't hesitate! Anyway, to summarize from what you said, I kept "for that matter" because Core didn't really matter to her at the moment, so it was sort of an afterthought for her and I was trying to express this. And I totally forgot to split my sentences in my haste to edit this and upload it quickly, so thank you. I was also hoping to overlook the whole grandmother thing even though it was so blatantly obvious, but it can't be avoided. I also changed it to three men so that it would make more sense. The only reason they decided to target the grandmother was because they knew that Shine still had a chance of fighting back if they had attacked her, and they didn't know how much power the stone gave to her, so they're not risking it. By targetting an old lady right from the start, they're success is almost guaranteed. But to make more sense, I also added another scene just so it doesn't seem completely illogical. Also, I'm a little shocked that the whole Emerald and point of story was brought up so fast. Wow! I was going to address that a few chapters later (possibly two to be exact). The fact that I was introducing the fourth person now was so I could make some progress because they needed to find the others, but I guess I should keep in mind that the main character is still Emerald, neh? Anyway, I am truly very happy that you enjoy my story and as usual, thanks for all your wonderful help! Hopefully, I have addressed all the problems and holes that have presented themselves in my story.

To Shang,

Thank you for enlightening me, you put more fighting spirit in me, allowing me to continue trying to improve my story. That was a great review, so detailed, haha (kinda stung though...)

To kirara12,

Although the legend originated in China, I think the Japanese also have the same legend and I didn't use the chinese legend because I wanted to create a legend that was unique from the real one so you wouldn't find much in common because the girl in the chinese legend isn't a moon goddess at all while the guy isn't human either. The only thing that was the same was that the couple could only meet once a year (and not on a bridge either).

To reader who wants to remain anonymous (I think),

I wonder what your uh-oh meant... asked a great question, but I cannot answer that directly at this point in the story because that will ruin the whole plot, but you can just go with your feelings on this and I will provide you with a few hints. First of all, Edwin and Core always fight so we all know that they can never get along well, which means that even if they are friends, Edwin wouldn't emit the kind of friendship warmness to Core and Core would probably be too angry at him to feel it. Also, although Emerald may lose her tempers at times, she can be a very good friend and is the chain that binds Edwin and Core together (imagine what would have happened without her). But, we must keep in mind that they are teenagers and the chance of falling for someone is becoming increasingly high. So what do you think it'll be? I'll love to hear from you again.

To Kirara12,

Well, the names just came to my head all of a sudden. For Emerald, I thought of stones, Ruby was used a lot already. Garnet is in a video game called Final Fantasy IX, a good series if I do say so myself (doesn't really suit Emerald anyway), Pearl, although I like that mineral(?)- I didn't really think it suited this story. So I thought, hey, why not Emerald? Edwin, well, I thought for a while, and there was my friend. He was in my piano class and he was really nice and I liked his name so I thought, Edwin really suits my character and not much people have that name either. I actually asked if I could use it after the first three chapters...heh. The other names just came from somewehere in my head when I thought of them (Tip: think random thoughts, haha).I wanted them to be special. There are other names coming up, so you'll get to see them soon (well not really with my plot here)! So long!

To Lanori:

Remember her grandmother who gave Emerald the Kakunamiya stone in chapter one? Well , chapter one also said that her grandmother gave her a book about spirits and magic attacks, the reason is obvious, this would be of good use to Emerald when she grows up (which is now). The reason why Emerald knows the book so well is because she is interested in magic, which will be explained later on in the story. This is how she knew about the weakness of darkness (it's also very logical, right?)

The next thing to explain is the mood of Emerald when she is transported to an unknown land. As you will see later on, Emerald's personality is quite nice and most of the time, strong. So she will do all she can to help the good people, right? I can't really explain this personality of hers, she is courageous and calm...most of the time. You can explain her personality once you come to understand her more. Her confusion will be thoroughly written into a chapter later on too, so be sure to read it! Also, Edwin had already explained the basics of the duty of the people who holds the stones. Later, when information slowly adds up, all things will be clear. If too much information is given all at once, it would be too confusing, right?

Also, Core is another person destined to hold one of the seven stones. His character was meant to be mysterious, but later on, you will learn more about his past.

If you have anymore questions, please ask me. I will be happy to answer them as this tells me that people are paying attention to what I am writing. Bye and thank you!

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