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Righties. I've neglected this account for far too long.

Erm.. I'm Seran and I write mainly teenage angsty stories, revolving around my characters, I've listed them below. I haven't finished writing ll their stories yet. I've got Alex's story but it needs betaing. Anyone wanna help??

Anyway, my characters:
David- resident hippy

Alex- the apparantely sane one... with the frizzy orange hair. don't ask... He's nice though.

Mark- Antisocial of the underworld.

Tammy- How did she get here?? She's a teenyboppery person. but short bless her.

Jezebel- Strange being from another world. Not many people know this.

Phoenix- Don't know too much about her yet. But she's been here a while. She thinks she's a Jedi

Gaby - The woman who took them all in.

Rock on and may the Force be with you!

PS, the avatar was made by kameko_87 on livejournal

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