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Hello my fellow artists, writters, manga-kas, and future dreamers.I've noticed lately that my stories hardly ever and basically have never been reveiwed by ANYONE!!!But i'm not gonna let it bother me because the new and improved Russ is back!I have seven new stories for you plus the average collection of random heres the basic news on me, the rising star! name: Russell(Russ)Downing
age: 18(yea,i'm )
hair color: black
eye color: hazel
(main)stories in progress:Rui Rui
A Wizard's Tale
Elemental Brand
The Blue Mist Chronicles: Fire and Light

(other)stories in progress: D.D.Ray Hirashuni
Love and War
Distinct Unormalities

and of course: Multiple Mini-stories

now for some personal many writters i write what i feel like so its only normal that i always endup not finishing a story and start on a new one.i come from a pretty messed up background, but i don't wanna' sound depressing so i'll spare the details.lately i've been finding it hard to stick to something that i start and also finding it hard to find inspiration.Lately i've been getting my insparation from two who's very talented and one who's...a lil' abstract.Misha Rose(the talented one)and ChinoRavenStar(the not so talented one).I'd like to give my thanks to those two for their help and friendship.

thank you and have a nice day!


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