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Hidely Ho talented story writers from tha internet world and soon the real world! Great to see you've made your way to my Profile and I hope you enjoy my stories a millionth as much as i've enjoyed reading yours.

I'm not really a fan of reading as such. I'm more of an individual who loves watching movies andissue related programssuch as the news,sports and Current Affairs. I get the bulk of my reading through Sport and hope to aspire as a sports journalist. I love writing and I love reading all the great stories you guys put out on this website and beyond. Please read further down to gain more of an insight to me as a person! Thanx;);)

Name: Chris

D.O.B:- 07/01/87

Live:- Central Victoria... Australia

Gawd What Else.. I'm 186cm tall n 70kgs with brown hair n eyes if you really want 2 no, but i doubt it!

Favourite Movies:-

Bruce Almighty, Back to the Future 1,2,3 American Pie 1,2,3 Van Wilder, the Butterfly Effect, 007, Austin Powers 1,2,3 Liar Liar Meet The ParentsMeet The Fockers...

Thats to name a few. I'm general a big fan of Comedy and Action Flicks with a pinch of Time Travel

Favourite Music Groups:

Greenday, Blink182, Maroon 5, U2, Powderfinger, John Mayer, Nickelback, Good Charlotte, Goo Goo Dolls, Live, Simple Plan, Smashmouth

Favourite Books

The Day After Tomorrow by John Marsden:- He came to our school in Grade 4 (?) and since then i have enjoyed his books. This 1 is based on War and Survival and was completely captivated by the plot in general.

The Heart of Darkness:- Had to read it for Lit and thought it was really interesting yet confusing prior to watchng a movie on it and then loved it.

Like i said, im not a great fan of novels but i love reading whenever i hav the opportunity. I've read Biographys on Essendon Coach Kevin Sheedy and Mick Foley and i thoroughly enjoyed them. I'm into Facts with Stats, such as Cricket AFL and Rugby books.

I'm a Fan of World Wrestling Entertainment and was amused by wrestler Shane Helms who confessed his love for a comic super hero the Green Lantern (?) or sumthing and created a new character THE HURRICANE. This inspired me to create my new personal superhero figure CHRIS THA LEDG and intend on writing on his life in various parts because it can cover such a broad destination of ideas.

Anyway thanx for reading and i Hope to be reading a lot of your work in the near future. Keep Smiling and Keep Those ideas flowin' til it all starts showin on this here website!;)

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