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Hey! Hm... let's see what I want to put on my profile...

myehehehehhe i am actually A GUY!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. i also have a weird obsession with candles. i eat them. theyre really good. guess what else? CHICKEN PELSE. I amalsoobsessed with animal butts. Horse butts are round and cow butts are square.

adfhieoqwhfeiohvibghwbpm;mjioolkkjokijhkknn actually im not a guy but i wish i was. that way i can go around half naked wearing only loincloths like tarzan.. : oh no. im melting!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgsggfiusdu read my stories or die a horrible painful death!! i will come to your window and you wiull dioe from the sight of me in a loincloth and my horrible bags!! gehehehehehopwhjpop i like to eat candles. i think i need to go inan assylem. i have a crush on andy and googly eyes.

my psychic friend told me that i was going to grow up and have a boyfriend named andy or Mr. A. Then Googly Eyes, or G.E.,came and got jealous and they fought and G.E. won. So i married him and i had around 20000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 children and i was busy for the rest of my life. Then at 69-72 years old i ghot run over by a car driven by the water people. I died. The water people was on their way to kill my friend Ms. C. and in their hurry they got rid of me, doing a favor for the whole world.

this is written by the lovely and talented Ms. J, whose account will appear in the summer. In case your wondering, Ms. J. wrote this while reading Ms. S.'s mind because Ms. J. has the psychic friend.
(p.s. Ms. J's bio will mostly be written by Ms. S. (the owner of this account) in a futile attempt for revenge.)
wait for it.

Ahem... please ignore that xD
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