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Completed works...

The Night Before Christmas

All in a Day's Work: Jake Bloom has no time for telemarketers--that is, unless he can make a profit off of them.

Works in Progress... A Willing Sacrifice: Olympia, a young aristocrat of ancient Rome, must come to terms
with her faith, her fear, and her bitterness...a work that God alone
can accomplish in her. ((Status: On hold, currently being rewritten))

Abstract Adventures of an Anonymous Blonde:

Brina, the world's most amazing and oh-so-perfect being, is thrown into
a bizarre series of adventures that serve to prove that blondes are
indeed the world's most intelligent life forms. ((Status: on the back burner.))

The Heavens Rent: A small, seaside kingdom is
thrown into turmoil upon receiving word of an impending attack.
Literally defenseless, the people of Havarre have only one hope for
freedom... ((Status: On hold, currently being rewritten))

Poiema: A tale of love, deception, heartbreak and joy. A tale of those who, no matter fall they've fallen, can be picked up again. ((Status: My main project, constantly being rewritten and revised. Progressing))

If I Were a Rich Man: Cyrus was a simple man, content with what little he had. When fortune comes his way, what will become of the life he had known? (Status: On hold. A few bugs and plotholes are being hammered out)

Because They Are Blind: My name is Skeleton. I am a hundred years old. What do I do? I steal. Where am I from? I am from under the platform. (Status: On hold. I originally intended it to be a very very short story, but now I want it to grow. As it is, I'll need to do plenty of research before progressing.)

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