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Joined Dec '04

Age: Some where in between 1 and 67.89
Name: if anything call me Siberian or Siberian-Tigress Hobbies: singing, writing, reading, and walking my friend's dog.
Fav color: ALL SHADES OF PURPLE! and silver and yellow and blue and BRIGHT GREEN!
Fav food: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmI don't know what it is. Gosh there's so many to choose from.
Fav book: ummmmmmmmm Ella Enchanted, the So You Wnat To Be A Wizard series, A Night Without Stars... I could list about 100 more but i won't wast you time
Fav animal: Siberian Tiger as my name suggests

If you want to find me on fan fiction just go to http://www.fanfiction.net/u/655908/

IMORTANT!!! I would really like to hear what you guys think about my work. If you leave a review I will look at what you have written and leave a review on something. Thanks to everybody who has reviewed!

I have another account with a friend of mine (Poodles) and we are going to co-write stuff there. Go check it out, we're Cyber-Poodles.
Update 8-12-06

I have not updated in a few monthes because there was a death in my family on May 2nd, 2006. Now, I'm, back and I'm ready to update. Thank's to everyone who has supported me through this difficult time.

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