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silentscreamer07 PM
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I've been postponed in my creativity section of my brain..and haven't been able to write anything...but I'm bringing out the electric shockers in hopes of reviving my imagination! So Hopefully you'll see something new written by me. (Notice, something "new" doesn't mean its going to be good..just new.) :D smiles

hm...ive always wondered if ne one has ever read this...if so...when you review me...at the end puhlease type..."chicken tenders" smiles im just curious, so if you would do that for me, i shall thank you!! brick wall water fall
dickie thinks he's got it all..
but he dont..and i do
so BOOM with that attitude
pinch punch, captain crunch
I got something you can't touch
bang bang, choo choo train,
wind me up, i'll do my thang
reesie pieces 7 up
you mess with me..
I mess u up..

yea, so im weird? jealous?

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