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Please feel free to PM me about anything you’d like but FYI just because I faved your story doesn’t mean I have read it. Most likely I just bookmarked it to read when I have the time. When I read it I WILL review, if I don’t it is because I honestly can’t think of anything nice to say and you will be better off not knowing what I had to say anyway. But I get annoyed when people PM me asking what I thought of their stories just because I faved them, begging for reviews is kinda sad, if you want feedback it is not a good idea to expect anything constructive from most FP reviews, get a beta.

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Fangs for the Memories:
On a very short breat. I am reworking a few things but I really enjoy writing this one so I am going to finish it, or that's the plan anyway.

The Blood Sucker Blues:
If anyone actually cares it is pretty much on hiatus. I have more I could post but no one is interested.

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