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Hey there!

Okay, some stuff about me,

Status- Single
Height- Like I'd know something like that
Weight - once again, I have no idea.
Eye color- blue
Hair color- brown/blonde
Hair length or style- short (not too short- I don't like looking like a guy
*it's happened before-how embarressing*)
Got any piercings-no! I got my ears pierced one time, only the lady had no idea what she was doing and about pulled both my ear lobes off!
How about tattoos- ouch. no thanks.
Special features (braces, freckles, etc.)- *shrugs* do zits count?
Style (punk, prep, etc.)- that's up to you. Some people think I'm Goth, others
think I'm punk. But I don't really care. But, if you call me a prep I'll put
your heart out through your esophagus.
Got glasses or contacts- glasses
Wear any jewelry- my wicked awesome sports watch and my bracelets. lots and
lots of bracelets.
Play any instruments- I'm learning how to play a bass guitar


Food- toquitos
Music- rock I guess. It differentiates
Season- summer
Weather- I'm hardly ever outside- just as long as it's not storming it's fine
with me
Movie- Cheats, The Pest, Pitch Black, Spaceballs, Monty Python Quest for the Holy Grail, you know- the classics
CD-either Brand New CD or TBS, Jack's Mannequin, Dashboard Cofessional, anything I can sing to
Number- 74681258785564887865588798978421989979178791189?
Color- *laughs* that ones easy! Black!
Band or singer-any band previously listed plus more

Book(s)- Sabriel, Lirael, Eragon
Board game- Imaginiff
Video game (you nerd)- Champions: Return to Arms or DDR!!!!
Shoes brand- ...it matters?
Clothing brand- ...it matters?
Store- Hot Topic, Barnes and Nobles
Fast food place- Wendy's!!!!!!!!!!
Animal (wild or tame)- Kangaroo Rats *sniggers*
Indoor time killer- Internet
Outdoor time killer- swimming
Vacation-either King's Island or Oahu
Place- my computer desk

-This OR That-

ice cream or sherbet- chocolate ice cream or rainbow sherbert (I can't pick
between the two)
vanilla or chocolate- chocolate!
diamonds or pearls- diamonds
silver or gold- silver
fruits or vegetables- fruit
see or be seen- see
bracelet or necklace- bracelets!!!! *laughs* I have plenty
talk or listen- listen
write or read- *shrugs* their about equal
sing or dance- it depends
hang glide or sky dive- I'm afraid of heights
hide or seek- hide
beach or mountains- Beach- I like water
big city or small town- small town
pool or hot tub- Pool. Hot tubs make me dizzy

-Have you ever-

Done drugs- no
Drank (taking a sip doesn't count)- water? yes. Mt. Dew? yes. Acohol? no.
Smoked- no
Cheated in class- no
Been to a concert- sadly no
Started a rumor- of course not... well, except that time with Kayla and the opossum raping thing. But you have to admit it was funny!
Had a rumor started about you- look at me- of course.
Said or done something you later regretted- yes
Moshed- nope
Crowd surfed- hahahahahhahahah

-Here's where it gets Random-

Do you have a car?- no
Are you afraid of anything?- heights, spiders, bugs, roller coasters that go
upside down
What's your biggest fear?- heights
What phrase do you say the most?- usually one of my many inside jokes
What do you want to be when (if) you grow up?- author
What is your dream job?- aren't these two pretty much the same?
Where do you want to travel?- Japan, Ireland, Egypt, Hawaii
Are you afraid of foreigners?- ...no

Sorry, I didn't come up with those questions. I like to write, read, sing, and eat. Also, I love reviews.


It's Not What You Think It's Worse- (6/16)Chapter 7- I'm really not into this story anymore. It's pretty old and my muse has left me.

In the Mind of the Contempt- (11/12)Chapter9- it took forever, but it's finally posted!!

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