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Hey fellow readers/writers/lurkers etc.

I love reading, but I've also been writing ever since I can remember, and have lots of poetry, drabbles, short stories and long never-ending type fiction currently saved in a huge folder on my computer. Most of them are shit, but there are some gems I'm proud of.

I'm currently working on some pieces of fiction, and will hopefully be posting them up here soon.

I welcome reader appreciation, constructive criticism, and general random comments.

Oh yes, the list of stories I have under the 'Favourite Stories' section are all bloody marvellous. If you stumbled here randomly, click on that and you won't be disappointed.

10 June '09: Thank you for all the wonderful reviews, author alerts and favourite story adds. They make my day. Do keep them coming, it reminds me to continue working on my work-in-progresses. :)

Completed works:

Angel of Mine - OneShot. The first story I posted here (way, way back). It was actually something I banged out on a whim. It's cute and fluffy, really. :) EDIT: 4 Oct' 08.

Emma Connelly: Goddess of Romance - Used to be a oneshot, but I've broken it up into chapters now. This plot came out of nowhere when I was suffering from intense writer's block (and general character angst) with another yet-to-be-posted story, and I just had to write it down. Fluff du jour. I can't seem to help myself.


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