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I don't write, I review.

Just a small handful of fantastico stories to read:

Six Feet from Paradise
Summary: His first words to her were: 'So you're gonna die, big deal, everyone else here does.' And they expect her to like him? Who knew the weirdest guy she ever met would be her salvation in these dark times.

An Existentialist's Breakfast
Summary: We ran away. Theo says we didn't, that it's a road trip, but it feels a lot like running to me; I just don't know what we're running from. I asked him if we could rob a bank on the way and he told me I was crazy. I think he's jealous I thought of it first.

Summary: Fin He had created the game because he believed that love had to be won. . . nine pawns, two players, one winner.

Hiring a Hooligan
Summary: Determined to put the fear of God into the racist homophobe who messed up her best friend, mild-mannered Jane Hazelton resorts to hiring a thug to do the job. Trouble is, said thug isn’t interested in money, he’s interest in her.

My Undetected Canoodling
Summary: The seemingly unrequited crush on your best friend, the perfect romantic cliche, and you know those always work out. However, when an evil older brother, mind games, and dirty little secrets are thrown into the mix, maybe this cliche isn't that perfect...

Looking for a good one shot to read? Try these:

Eulogies and Post It Notes Can Change the World!
A VERY LONG ONE SHOT Abe Pruitt is going to improve the world, and she's doing it with sticky notes. Jack St. James is going to keep on being bothersome, and he looks good doing it, damn him. Now's the time to realize what THE WORLD really is.

Summary: One Shot In the end, there was only one lesson she needed to learn. Never pull faces at a guy that checks you out, he may pull them back.

The Princess and the Soon To Be Eunuch
Summary: ONESHOT Charlie is a girl in a punk band, and Ink is a guy who dislikes girls in punk bands. Still, she has vivid threats involving piano wire prepared for whenever he calls her pet names, so maybe there's some room for exception in her case.

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