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All right. I feel as though I've gone to live in a cave for a while cause I have not written. But I'm starting up again. I finally have gotten things flowing again! Please be patient with me! Thanks!

My Stories:

Aradin: It my prime work. New stuff should be flowing in soon. I'm stuck at one point and as soon as I can break that block, I will be flying though!

Worth Fighting For: This is my baby. I love this story so much and I'm a perfectionist, so I apologize that its taking so long, but it'll be coming. I've hit a road block and as soon as I fix it things will roll fine.

Darkest Knight: My newest addition. And hopefully my best work. I'll post this soon. Its the third in my trilogy or Aradin/Worth Fighting For. I don't like the name all that much, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Tested by the Flames: I wrote this a while ago and decided that I will post it. Lemme know what you think, I'm usually not good with the romance genre. And I'm not bothering to even check it before I posted it, despite its age. If I get an intrest again, I will, but it's not top priority at the moment.

I've also decided to post the script versions of my stories cause its so much easier for me to write that way, so if you see things with the same name, that's why. They obviously will differences from the novels, some MAJOR differences on some occasions but its a chance also for me to take some stories and going in different directions than I decided to in the novels. So, in some cases, they may be alternate versions of the actual stories.

Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing! And please review, I appreciate it so much!

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