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Hey everyone

Hey everyone I’m AnimeCutie and I just wanted to tell you guys (people) about me.Ok so here are my states.


Name: Stacey


Birthday: April 23, 1990

Nickname: Shorty, stac, short stuff, lil missy,slip,midget

Fav. color: Orange

BFF's: Anna, Ashley,Elvia,Crystal, Johnnie, Elvia, Haley, Eco

Least Fav. Color: puke greenish brownish lol

Fav. school subject: Math and science,art

Least fav. school subject: Social studies, English

My favorite animes are:Mainly-InuYasha, Fruit Basket, Dream Saga, Cardcaptor Sakura,Yu Yu Hakusho, Witch Hunter Robin,Wolf's Rain, and others i forgot the name

I'm in love with kyo, hatsaharu (if i spelled it right), yuki, and InuYasha, and lots of other guys. and Tyler

My eye color: Brown

My hair: I depends..now its red

My friends say i'm funny and my best best friends and i have soo much fun. we would crack up in wallmart and we would fall on the floor laughing. lol

ok well

I g2bounce

thanx for listening or reading lol


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