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"Proud and insolent youth, prepare to meet thy doom." -Captain James Hook, J.M. Barrie's 'Peter Pan'

"Men killed, and died, because they were embarassed not to." -Tim O'Brian, The Things They Carried

"Writers who write for other writers should write letters." -Larry Niven


The Phoenix Wars: Story of Cernon. The Saber Ranks were hired because the Crow Lord had more gold than sense. If he'd been smart he would have seen that the Phoenix people didn't pose a threat to him. But with the gold he had, the Saber Ranks weren't going to be his conscience. The Saber Ranks had their own conscience, Sorh Maore. Soth Maore would lead us true. If he couldn't, then who could?

Three Father: (Complete) All you can feel is love for your children. You feel their hope, you share it with them. You hope for them. You share their fear, because you fear it, too. You know what they're afraid of and you can only try to make their fear go away. The worst thing, though, is you feel their pain. You share it with them. And, worse than fear, you can never take it away.

Brothers Rebellion: (Complete) Story of Cernon. The madness of war claimed all. In the midst of it some tried to claim sanity, but where overcome by the atrocities that had plagued them through the long battles and sieges. Betrayal came as a surprise to the mad, but the sane moved to seek vengeance.

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