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-January 21, 2005-

I am not that experienced as I haven't shared my work with others. But,
I hope my skills increase while I'm here, at this site.


Feel free to email me. I'm always up for:

1-Friendly, Normal "Hi!" Emails
2-Fan Mail =)
3-Problems (Concerning you or something that's bothering you...
I'm a person you can share your feelings and secrets with
and won't have to be afraid of me telling anyone else,
unless you honestly feel that way, but you'd have to
get to know me first, right? =) ) and Suggestions.
3-ANY types of questions (even ones that
make you feel stupid or pointless ones or,
heck, even annoying ones. = ) )
4-Reviews and Reviewing
5-Anything andEverything Else...
EXCEPT for the following:
1-Hate mail= No, I don't want your hate,
read about your hatred for my writing and
me. (OR about any other author either).
2-Black mail= Okie, why would you want to do that?
No one on this site knows me in person. But, still,
3-Anything negative and bad about me, my work,
and/or other people (Yes, a strange example.)

I'll try to respond ASAP to your emails.


-My Kingdom = My "human" version of the little idea
My Honeybee Kingdom that I wrote for my elementary
school project. Hehe. It's not long enough to be a chapter
yet, though.
(By the way, I do NOT suggest asking me if you can read
my little school project idea...Please, don't! I was really young
and it was funny, but...er...bad? But, the brightside was that I
wrote the most for that project and received an A!)
Status: Not yet posted.

-That Girl = I wrote this a long time ago, (two years ago) and I didn't
start writing it again till 2004, last year. Yeah...Major writer's block for
Status: (3-3-05) Chapter 3 is being worked on, but the whole story
is being somewhat delayed for now...It's just becoming so...strange,
and unrealistic, and fantasy-like (SORT OF). My confusing story
will never start making sense! -Sticks tongue out and then smiles-
It will, probably, but I will post another story so you can entertain
yourself with me without getting so disappointed and shunning me
for taking practically 23049302423958235830 years to write the
next chapter. Okay. I hope you guys still appreciate me in the end,
since I appreciate you!

- Attached = A new idea I had thought of while lying in bed awhile
ago. I think I have an okay storyline for it. Now...I'll just tell you a
snippet about it, since I am so darn sweet. Just kidding...But, let
me just tell you this one sentence...Older brother finally "sees"
(truly sees) one of younger sister's friends...Hm, what do you
think, eh?
Status: (3.25.05) Chapter 2 is posted. I don't really like the
little ending part, but yeah. Sorry it took so long for me to post!
And I noticed that I did my little "status" thing for this story, exactly
a year ago. Strange, huh? I didn't plan it at all. Alright. I'll try
to get Chapter 3 out quicker than all of my other chapters.
...Well, there are only two total, but yeah. Hahha. You get it,
don't you? Alright. Till next time.

- I Like You and I'll Always Be Waiting = A one-shot about a part of
my life. It means a lot to me and has been changed a bit. The essence
is still true.
Status: It's complete (hence, it is a one-shot).

- The Only One Who Can...And Must (Shortened Version Name: The Only
) = A one-shot about my love life. It's what I fear that may happen. -Knocks
on wood- It means a lot to me.
Status: It is complete because it is, afterall, a one-shot.

- Bottled Water = It was around 2:45 AM and it was around the end of December
last year when I was with my cousin. It was completely random
and I don't know where I'm going with this story.
Status: (3.1.06)It is a work-in-progress. Not posted.

- Itch = It's a one-shot. I wrote it when I was a little bit angry and emotional
and I was very much overwhelmed and frustrated. I cooled down...It has
minor suicide suggestive themes.
Status: (3.1.06)It is complete one-shot. It's posted.

That's it for now!

March 11, 2006 - 11:32 PM
Hey everybody. Here's a little update on how things are going.
Well, the truth is...I'm still in that writer's block, sorry.
So, as of right now, I'm uploading poems and other things I've
already had for awhile to keep you busy...Well, they're all pretty much
short so it won't keep you busy for long. Haha. But, I hope you enjoy
them, nonetheless. Alright. Thanks. And sorry about not being able
to update any stories...Byee. Have a lovely day.
And by the way...Mostly all of my poems all have the same ratings
for the same reasons. But, if you have an opinion or thoughts otherwise
of those ratings...Let me know? Yep. Thanks, bye.


(I've always wanted to give shout-outs online,
but I never did them before! ^_^)

Realitydreams- Thankies for being my first real
reviewer on this site, ever!!!! =)

Cleopatra89- Oh, man...I just absolutely love you, girl,
you know why! =) You're very talented and thanks for your

Anonymous: "EP"- =) Thank yous very reviewing! I appreciate
it greatly. =) Thanks, overall! I love you, my bff! Forever and ever.
Always 52.

Anonymous: "ALL Smiles"- Thanks for reviewing me! =) You're an
awesome bff for eternity. =) 52

myles-smiles- Thanks for the review! =) I always try to be unique,
mostly, in my writing, I mean. Hehe! Thankies!

Anonymous: "Cearius Lans"- Thankies for being my first reviewer
for the story Attached, for being my inspiration for beginning
writing, and being my first reviewer and first person to
help me on my stories, ever!!!!! =) I love you, Cousin! =)

Anonymous: "Melissa"- Thanks!

Anonymous: "forget my name"- Thankies a lot,
lover. -Winks.- Hahahahah. You're the best,
love you tons, Dearest Cousin Dearie!

And thank you to everyone else who reviewed me that
I haven't had a chance to write a shout-out about.
I appreciate you and your words very much!!

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