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let me describe myself...

Name:Drea is what everyone calls me.


Age: 15

Birthdate:Apirl 17

birth place:P.R.(puerto rico.)

Hair: black

wieght:I'd tell you but then i'd have to kill you.

hieght:5'8"..taller than most people my age.. _ !


Chinese Zodiac:Sheep..baabaa

Sadly I also have glasses(So..I don't wear them,and out come of that situation is..bumping into every none moving object around me.;),braces and bad breath..i really don't know what category that would go in.UPDATE: I've lost my glasses!O_OUPDATED UPDATE:I bought new glasses! _O

Personality:email me if you wanna know..

Fav.pastimes:drawing and writing when i'm unhappy which sadly happens alot

:Baklava...Baklava is god!!bow down.

fav.animals:..katz and cows...and sheep and...butterflies...and doggies and fish and ferrets. thats allI think.

fav.colors:All of em'

The kind of stories i write are real life and they sorta get to the point.I don't describe much which i probabby should do more...but yeah.I have more stroies written than the one i have below but they are lost..in my old computer some where.Um its much easier for me to write in first person in my stories but having the narritive point of view is more fun to write and more challenging..i don't have one up yet but I'll put one up later.

And Decations to my formerbeta Reader IYA TAN..YAY!(Iya is short for miyako.if you were wondering if it was a boy's name)...oh yeah!.= )

well thats all for now..bye!.

Domo Arigato Mister Roboto!DOMO! ( '_') ( '_') ( '_' ) (o_O.)QUE?...sorry.

oh...and my story is on hiatus..why?because i am lazy and I need to get inspired...sooo...yea...maybe a new update when inspiration hits me.

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