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My name is Ana Paula. I am eighteen years old, brazilian. I just got into university. Our system in Brazil is quite diferent.I am planing to be a reporter, actually my dream was to be an international correspondent. My hobbies are reading, writing(I began with fanfics about Harry Potter) and swiming. I live in Rio de Janeiro and I really love my city, in spite of the violence that is a serious problem here as in most of the big cities around the world. Unfortunately I am not so luck as to actually have an apartment near a beach. Anyway it is only necessary to take a subway to get to one. Nowadays I see the bay every day, because I am studying in the other side. My favorite subject at school used to be history and now I am studying it at the university. I have already finished an english course, but there is still many words I don't know and many gramatic rules that I am not confortable with. Just hope I didn't write many things wrong in this presentation.

PS: Having made a lot of friends reading and writing fanfictions, I wish the same could happen through this site.

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