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Hi! My name is Heather!

Update 8-24-2010: I changed my pen name from quirkyslayer to maddheather. Look forward to some new updates of flashfictions.

I'm hosting some of my older oneshot works here at Fictionpress.

If you're looking for Unbridled Aria, it's been moved to Livejournal. It is currently in the drafting process, but you can still read it at LJ.

All chapters will be under Friends Locked posts - so you're going to have to friend the journal if you want to finish the story!

"Felis Nargua" was taken down for a rewrite and massive edit. It should be posted to my Livejournal as well.

All newer longer stories that I plan on publishing will now be hosted at my friends locked Livejournal account. Please come over and check them out!

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