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Little old Jesskah is still alive. Hehehe thats me. Yes I'm still alive and I can't say TOO much else. Though I can tell you to enjoy my story how it is at the moment. hehehe. Also don't die from the wait of the next trilogy (though I dout you all would care much). Don't get angry at me either since I'm slow, cause I'm still sticking in there so be paitnet:P

Anyway, send me reviews hehe they make me happy like my boyfriend Andrew :)

Be Happy And If All Else Fails Sing --sings--

Dreams Of True Love

I've dreamed of true love
The sweet touch of love
His breath against my neck
His voice when he speaks to me
Would sound so innocent and sweet
This is what I dreamed of

That was five years ago now
I've been through my ups and downs
My heart was played and then shattered
I was thrown in the ditch once more
Feeling so desolate and alone
I almost gave up my life, my hopes and my dreams

I thought I had nothing left
Nothing to live for
Nothing to gain
But then I came across you
I pushed you away at first
How stupid of me

My heart was shattered
Into a thousand pieces and more
This is what they did to me
I would be dead if it wasn't for you
A thought grew over me
And I suddenly grew attached to you

I dream of true love no longer
Because I feel it's already here
I forgot about my worries
My mind was set on you
As we shared our first kiss
And I knew it would last forever

You mended my heart
You mended my soul
You mended my hopes and my dreams
There's no way I could thank you enough
I give you everything I have
Because you are my true love

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