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For anyone who ends up on this profile: this page is long-defunct! I haven't posted here since I was 19 (at the time of writing this, I'm nearly 30) and so I've taken down the stories. Don't worry, they're backed up--if you really liked something, shoot me an email at alexpenname@ and I'll send you a copy!

I'm taking them down since I'm doing this professionally now, and I'm not particularly comfortable with my old work floating around online. My new work can be found on my author website.

Thanks so much for everything over the years!

Old profile is preserved below.

Me and Casey Drake ( http://www.fictionpress.com/u/450370/Casey_Drake) have a joint account at http://www.fictionpress.com/~MemoryLabyrinth now. The story/ies posted there were written by both of us, through emails and such, and contain characters from both our stories. It's a fun read and a cool environment, so go take a look.

I deleted all my stories, because I had over fifty. So I'm reposting the ones I liked in a more organised fashion. If I deleted something you loved, you can email me and request to have it re-posted, or ask me to email you a copy if I don't want to repost it.

If I was really honest with myself, I'd probably admit that this is more of a backup for my stories than anything else - but I'm not honest with myself, so reviews are appreciated.

A little about my stories (Off the top of my head):

The Librarian:
The Library is the culmination of every idea humankind has ever had. Every story, every god, every stray thought and eureka; everything is in the Library. It is run by Librarians, minor characters stolen from their stories, each with their own function... Liberis and Scribe are two of these Librarians. When a villain escapes from the worst story ever told - a story with no happy ending - it's up to Scribe and Liberis to put him back.

In progress. I've been working on this for about six years - I REFUSE to give up on this story, since this is the first story I actually fell in love with. However, don't expect regular updates.

Niki's life has gone down the drain lately. Her dad's gay, her mom killed herself, and since she's living with her dad now she had to move to Michigan. The only person that seems to talk to her is a total idiot - Niki's only solace is in her conversations with a mysterious woman that she meets by the shores of Lake Eerie... On hiatus, due to writer's block.

The Marliana Document (working title):
Also rewriting, slowly. The story's completely changed.

Allie Lewis is thirteen. She doesn't fit in and she wants nothing more than to stand out; she knows she's meant for something more than the confining halls of school, than the strict regiment of home life, than the future her peers seem comfortable with... So when she gets the chance of living a fairy-tale life, she jumps at it. But real life doesn't always match up with what happens in stories.

Serpent (complete, short story):

...Believe it or not, this is Adam and Eve.

Lil about me?

Age: 19
Sex: You say that like I'm single.
Gender: Female.
Name: Alexandra. Call me Alix or Writer.
Looks like: Put it this way. Some people have an hourglass figure, or a pear figure, or a rectangle figure. I'm writer-shaped.
Writes: Like she breathes.
Religion: Very Secular Jew.
Other places I exist: Darkdaria713 on dA, and WriterandWords on Twitter. (The account is shared with Casey, above, and posts only six-word short stories. No "ZOMG my Chia Pet lyk died" here, thank you.)

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