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um... what do people usually put here...?

My name's Andy. I'm currently teamed up with the FictionPress authoress Eclipsia Soulbird (sp?), re-writing one of my stories titled "In the Midst of Mayhem"... Actually, she is revising it. I just wrote the first three chapters and sold it to her, (we traded for it). I only have the one story up now then, "Clouds Roll By"... Since I have nothing else to put in my Profile, why don't I just give a little summary of that?

Clouds Roll By

I'm a chick at heart, so...
--Melanie had a hard time for a while; her soulmate disappearing off the face of the earth, her mom murdered withthe killer still on the loose,and having to go live with her abusive dad for several months. But things eventually settle down when her just-of-age childhood friend takes over guardian responsibilites and her dad visits a jail cell for maybe the hundredth time in his life. She's just trying to get over all of it... and she almost did, before he showed back up.

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