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Name: Sarah

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Hey everyone! Guess who's back! Sorry I've been gone for so long, but I graduated, got a job, and got busy, but now I'm back or at least I hope to be if time allows. Some of my stories were written back in my teens and since I've developed I hope my writing has as well, but I'll let you be the judge of that! :-)

I really love music. I play French Horn (it's my major), bad piano, and Trumpet. Oh yea, and I sing. I also love just listening to music and I'll listen to most anything... key word most.

I would love to be a writer and that is my current aim.

My stories:

My Personal Problem: Callia Gabriella Sandoval has been kidnapped by the mysterious "Michael". She is forced to work as a servant in his house, at the very first, but as the story continues the situation becomes more complex. Cali decides she wants freedom in ANY way possible from Michael and the situation that is forced upon her. And to get that freedom she will do ANYTHING including bringing about her own death... This is Callia's story from how she was kidnapped to how she ended up where she is when the story first begins. This story takes on a first person point of view with a few flips between character point of views. Oh it's rated PG-13 for attempted sucide, violence, and language, but don't let that stop you from reading because the overall theme is a romance with action blended in. (COMPLETE)

Isn't It Funny: Melanie Langus is a lawyer who is supposed to be the toughest around. Her new partner Lex Mathis is supposed to be a tough lawyer as well when these two clash it brings back Melanie's past and a promise made to her years ago. Isn't It Funny is about how something can come back to you years later when you thought it was gone for good. (Short Story, Completed!)

One Wish: Destiny Rivers made a wish on New Years Ever that everything would be different, in a good way, not thinking anything would really happen. Then when she goes to school things begin to change with the help from a certain singer from the band "Sole Survivors" Rowan Shane. Tune in to see what will happen next... (COMPLETE)

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