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Name: GothBooks17

Location: St.Thomas, U.S.V.I.

Age: Guess what i'm the age that you never what to be.

Likes: many things but stuff you would hate.

Dislikes: not a lot but stuff you would like.

Do I have any kind of life ? None what so ever so if you to contact me just to talk or just for the sake of wasting time my e-mail address is animet_1@ or raven14t@ check me at any of those sights.

I finish took my senior exams and just chilling out waiting for graduation to row around.

Anyway bye for now nothing else to add .

Hey whats up . I'm still alive and just survived my first semster of college and to say I didn't do to bad . Well just to give you guys who actually read my bio Life isn't what it seem not everything is going to be visible and drop into your hands. You have to work hard for everything you need and want and don't let anybody get in your way.

Hey, I'm back in full gear ready and rearing to go for the Spring Semster for the University of the Virgin Islands where I am a freshamn at . No worries because I am positive that I will survive this semster like I did the last one but with higher grades. Well I tahnk you again for listening to ramblings and thoughts.

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