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So much has changed. So little has been accomplished. My values are stronger, now; those things I once held close seem to matter so much more, and those things that I reviled are ten times more repulsive. I have not changed but in intensification. I have lost my subtleties to become raw. Take me as I am. You won't find me any other way.

In other news, I've added two more plays to my repetoire, and another one to come--I've acted in Scrooge (chorus) and Honk! (as Her Grace). Yea! A part! I finally got a NAME!!! It was such a thrilling experience. Goodbye to the seniors whom I may not see again, hasta luego to those who will return for summer shows, and good luck to James, who will be heading back to Korea. I'd also like to say congratulations to those who will be in Fat Night Follies with me! . . . Can you tell I'm a drama person?

My best friend is the talented and wonderful Tamisha, who writes Sailor Moon, Digimon, Tamora Pierce, and possibly Utena fics. Why don't you check out her stories?

I seem to have found a clique in the Harry Potter fandom, as "one of those people who writes about werewolves" (and I SWEAR I'll get the next chapter of my fic out SOON!). And I can honestly say that it's an excellent clique to be in, with great people. Rage Point and D.M.P. are also clique-members, and I believe their work far surpasses mine in both scope and literary style. Read their fics! Everyone who cares at all about werewolves and their legal rights should!

I'm a proud indecisionist, along with Pipsqueek, Rage Point, Kittengirl555, and Pikacheeka. They're great people! Eventually, we're going to post an Author Fic about our escapades in the Shipper Wars. Sound intriguing?

"If I had an internal clock, it would be flashing 12:00 . . . 12:00 . . . 12:00 . . .."

- Me

Do not judge us, unless you understand what it is to be one of us.

In accordance with the whole 'plagiarism' fiasco, I have a profile disclaimer. None of the stuff in the Escaflowne or Harry Potter categories is my legal property -- the former is the property of someone in Japan, and the latter is the property of the honorable J.K. Rowling (or Warner Brothers, I suppose). I also don't own the songs 'The Last Supper' (belongs to Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice), 'Patterns' (Simon and Garfunkel), or 'Prayer for an Innocent Man' (Vertical Horizon).

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