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Lets get a couple things straight. Im stupider than you, no matter what! You arent a badass. So quit acting like one.

Favortie quotes from online family:

"Theres this guy on Runescape who added me to his friendslist and followed me around and even called me Abby."
-- Kuro

"I hate school because it sucks."
-- Neera

"I just took a quiz that measured your evil-ness and my results were: 'You arent evil. Youre INSANE! Get help.' "
-- Nora

"I like thongs."
-- Zephon

"I had a dream last night that Johnny Depp gave me his socks. Dear Lord, help me."
-- Nora

"I am the Warrior of The Gravy!"
-- Neera

"And I am the Gaurdian of The Gravy!"
-- Nora

"And I am the Eater of The Gravy... Even though I hate Gravy."
-- Zeph

"My God! Why dont you just stuff a friggin tampon up your ass?!"
-- Ihatepeople

"Bob Fred Jack!"
-- Kuro

"Neera is killing moo-cows."
-- Neera

"And then she said she screwed me senseless.
-- Neera

"I hate Texas so much I cant even spell it!"
-- Kuro

Lets see.. a few things about me I dont care to share with you would be... Well, Im a female student. Im considered an American Citizen, even though I do not have a drop of American blood in me. And Im damn proud of that. Im very intrested in Japanese art, which inculdes manga and anime. And if youve read any of my stories or poems, youd know that my favorite manga at the moment is D.N.Angel, though my favor changes constantly. As for anime, I cant say, because in my whole life, Ive only seen about ten episodes of anime total. And six of these ten are D.N.Angel. Besides manga and anime, like many other teenagers, Im a video game junkie. I have all three major systems and more than fifteen games for each. Dont ask where I get the money, because I swear it just appears in my wallet. My favorite games for the systems have to be: Final Fantasy X; PS2, Fable; X-Box, and Metroid Prime; GameCube.

Also, like many girls my age, I have strange obsessions with men from both fiction and reality, even though I already have a boyfriend who gets very jealous very easily. But I still luff him. I also have a online vampire family, those who I met at the RavenBlack Vampire Alley game. Click on my homepage to become my vampire fledgling and to start playing the game! But anyways, back to my online family. My online family consists of four sisters and three, possibly four, brothers. I am currently writing a story about them which you can check out and read, its called "Round Robin".

Even though Im not the greatest writer in the world, it would mean everything to me if you just took the time to read just the first few chapters of my stories or poems and critique and how I could improve, you will be thanked constantly by me and given cookies until I scare you away, but eh. Read my online families stories too, for they would love it. Their usernames can be found under my "Favorite Author" section.

Thank you for reading this, and remember that sometimes I may disappear for awhile, but that does not mean Im gone forever. For my I am having problems with my real family, and sometimes they pull me away from my computer constantly. So just be patient if I go for awhile, I promise I'll come back.

-- chibialison

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