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So.. who am I? good question.. I don´t think I can say that myself.. I don´t know the answer.. I am ever-changing.. Anywho.. I know my work is rusty but how am I suppose to get better without showing others my work(even when I am not sureabout it). Writing is a doorway to somewhere! It doesn´t mean you have to go anywhere, it is just a place where you can be yourself..You don´t hide. Tell the truth and be happy. That is all that matters.. it is an outlet.. it is something that can let you free .some that shows others how you feel or tell a story.. that is what writing is for me. So.. please be helpful and read my stuff.. I´d of course love to get a review. So.. I´ll be seeing you.

P.S.-If I don´t update much you might want to check out my homepage . That has new stuff on it!

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