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Angelitus Litus
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I never finish my stories, but I plan on changing that. Real soon. Just watch.

My Name is...Project Procrastination.

Stories I'm starting:

"You did...what?"

"...Resurrected a Dark Wizard accidentally."

"...You're a LiteWitch. An apprenticing. LiteWitch."

"It was an accident, okay? Get off my case. Anybody could have performed necromancy that had preparation, lots of magic, lots of experience, and lots of power."

"You don't have any of the above, Alex."

"I said it was an accident!"

--Necromancy for Dummies

I guess I'm dead.

No, I'm being deadly--oh, I crack myself up sometimes--serious. I'm not sure what tipped me off. Maybe it was the truck that went right through me. Or the guy who's staring at me with a wide-open gaping mouth. Or maybe it's the fact that I just walked through a tree and a squirrel.

When did this happen?

--Pioneer Days

What a typical story. Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Boy likes girl. Girl ends up running off on a unicorn in an attempt to rescue her pet echnidia from the evil grasps of some evil dude. Yeaaahh...

MegaMan Rules. Or Rockman.EXE. Or WHATEVER.

I'm serious. When I grow up, I'm totally buying those stuff. Or learning Japanese. Or actually going out there and buying a Japanese installation pack. One of the above.

Protoman/Blues is so cool...

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