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if dreams come true, we wouldn't dream anymore...

I used to be kloun mannequin but now just google lymli and find my twitter, tumblr, deviantart and more, XD

some things about me...

when I'm sad I like to watch "friends" 'cause it makes me laugh a lot.

I don't know what I want but I know what I don't want.

-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. well, if I disclose my name, there's no reason I use penname, so you can try to guess, it starts with L

birth date: 9/ 19/ 87

(I'd like to be pisces but people think I'm scorpio)

birth place: canton, china

(but I live in colombia since I was a child so my language is spanish)

I love: britney spears... (I don't know why)

blood type: O? 'n' I like stalking... & stealing UU;

height: 1, 62 (or 64, I'm not sure)

skill: don't sleeping at all during days without getting tired.

weapon: when I'm in troubles I just cry...

I respect people who are better than me.

I hate people who pretend what they aren't.

eyesight: I'm short-sighted, so sorry if I can't see you anymore.

and my memory fails me just for a change.

season: autumn because is melancholic.

plant: bird of paradise 'cause of its meaning good perspective

scent: rain...

animals: horse, cat, spider, pig, fish, butterfly, slug, hippopotamus.

writers: oscar wilde, conan doyle, marquis de sade, chespirito, dan brown.

numbers: 6, 8, 2, 4... 9 and I have 26 teeth.

alter ego: lym id: km ego: yume super ego: mizer doll.

bands/singers: aerosmith, two mix, marilyn manson, barlow girl (well, I hear all kinds of music, no matter the language or the genre 'cause I really enjoy the music so it's not weird) christina aguilera, pink, madonna, miyavi, tatu, ayumi hamasaki, lareine, alice cooper, gazette, la oreja de van gogh.. (actually I'm not a bsb's fan but when I was younger yeah I was so I thought to mention that) chieko kawabe, kinya kotani, koda kumi, chopin, hajime chitose, mika nakashima, flyleaf, linkin park, amei, jolin tsai, megumi hayashibara, morning musume, on/off, nichya, thalia, boa, eminem, natalie imbruglia, doa, the pretenders, lita ford, leann rimes, lady gaga, 2ne1, bigbang, lady gaga, katy perry.

anime: sailor moon, clamp, slayers, corrector yui, shaman king, ai no kusabi, paradise kiss, death note, rumiko takahashi, shin chan, elfen lied, candy, blood, trinity blood, utena, dragon ball, gundam wing, saint seiya to be honest I like everything about anime o.O & manga gravitation, sand chronicles, vampire knight, crimson spell, fullmetal, evangelion, kaleido star, tenjo tenge, weiss kreuz, rahxephon, ikkitousen, claymore, monochrome factor.

and I like simpsons, xena, futurama, my name is earl, bones, tru calling, pushing daisies (I hate the narrator voice, it's just annoying), chinese paladin, made, rock of love, everything on tv :) saw, scary movies, final destination, america's most smartest model (I dislike the winner), alf, nanny 911, detective investigation files, cold case, spongebob squarepants.

food: everything in yr fridge.

flavors: salty sweet, spicy, soy sauce.

beverage: iced coffee, vodka, coke.

fruits: watermelon, pear, apple, peach, papaya, grapes.

hobbies: internet, tv, shoppin', music, napping, collectin', eating, magazines (maxim / cosmopolitan) meditating, taking photos, tarot..

actors/actressesIlike: robin williams, jackie chan, marilyn monroe, leonardo dicaprio (my first platonic love ) cameron diaz, will smith, adam sandler, jim carrey, brad pitt, gabriela spanic, kenichi matsuyama, ben stiller, arnold schwarzenegger, ashton kutcher, fernando colunga, val kimer, jean claude van damme, carolina ramírez, im su joon, so ji sub.

directors: martin scorsese, david fincher.

sportsman: evgeni plushenko.

painters: van gogh, picasso, leonardo da vinci, titian, michelangelo, raphael.

photographer: annie leibovitz.

book: flowers for algernon, montena chicas, inseparables para siempre.

tales: cinderella, little mermaid, ivan tsarevich-the firebird and the gray wolf, the sunflower and the sun god, the mirror of matsuyama.

mottos: let's get a happy ending.

every day have a nice day since the most important thing in life is life itself :D

don't change, do improve.

location: surfin' the net

I'd like to know why I write this or that but I just write no matter what, I think everybody has the same thoughts but it always there's a different way to express this or that... I like ellipsis.

oh my, I'm pretty embarrasing and I'm OCD _

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