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I'm out of here.
here's where you can find me: http://

I am kind of, not really sorry to inform all of my nonexistant hardcore fans, or more plausibly my mildly concerned fans at a whopping population of two or three persons, that I will be leaving fictionpress and instead you will be able to find my work on deviantART. I just don't like my work being divided on account of it being visual or literal.

Frankly, I just think deviantART is a better, much more complete site for someone like me, someone too lazy to go to multiple sites to get things done. deviantART is like a grocery store, and fictionpress is just a bakery. I want grapes. You can't get grapes at fictionpress.

If you care at all and are still reading this, then you'll probably want to know that I will be leaving all of my work here. I won't be taking anything down for a while, maybe a month or so, but you'll be able to find all of my best work from this site and more on my deviantART page

So official as of June 23rd, 2005, I will no longer be updating my fictionpress. It's been a good run, but not long enough to make me want to swear fealty to this site. I will upload one last haiku, which is a poetry format I despise but apparently am not horrible at it even though I don't stay within the basic rules of haiku, with my news in an author's note for anyone who doesn't read my profile.

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