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Hello All! This is Widow Shark here. You probably know me better from fanfiction.net and believe it or not, I like to write my own stories too.

Name: Jessica Ann

Birthday: May 02, 1986

Age: 27

Sign: Taurus (with an attitude to match)

State: Ohio

City: Parma

School: None, but I now have a BA in English from Baldwin-Wallace College.

Major: Pain (just kidding, it was English)

Muse: Miss Imagine Nation (another major pain)

I. N: Look who's talking!

W.S:That would be me at the moment. Anyways, ignore her. She rarely has anything of importance to say.

I.N: Really now? What about that time I told you that you were gonna(W.S. covers I.N.'s mouth with her hand)...mmmpphmmpph...(I.N.-glares angrily)

W.S: Like I said, nothing of importance.

That's about it. Tootles for now!

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