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For me normal is not the term, I rather be anything than normal. I'm not the average girl. I only wear war paint once in a blue moon, and you wont catch me in a skirt or the mall anytime soon. My style is simpily me artisy and new-age to laid back. I'm the one you'll catch on the weekends in the smoke filled cafe as a new band plays reading my favorite book, or down the street shooting pool in the arcade. As for my attitude, I would have to say I express myself, I'm assertive in some areas, but laid back and calm when I'm not streesed out. THe most important thing to me is my friends, protecting them and making sure that they are well and happy.

Things I DO-

I have been in this life for seventeen years. I am two types of artist. I am an artist that works
with paint, clay, and pencil, and an artist that works with the words, a storyteller. The only sport
that I have ever felt so fullfilled in is my swimming and now I am finishing my fourth and final year
on the high school swim team. I take part in several clubs KEY Club (community service),
Anime Club, co-founder of the Literary Club, French Club, Diversity Club, and American Animation Club.
This year I am president of the Anime Club, I like archary, reading, travel, writing,
cooking. I work as a cashier, and I teach swim lessons on the weekends.

HOME LIFE- I live with my mother and two cats in a town in Michigan. I have a close relationship with my mother. I spend most of my free time at the cafe or the aracde in college town, only 15mins from my house.

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