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I'm Lisa, English and love reading... on to rambling!

First off; I read rather than write. That's why you won't see stories from me, unless the ones running around in my head with no distinct plot lines actually make it in written form. Sometime in the far future. Maybe. Probably not.

Actual published books/authors I adore and totally recommend... all time favourite, has to be Raymond E. Feist, Brent Weeks, Peter V. Brett, Tamora Pierce, Lian Hearn, Catherine Webb/Kate Griffin (she's amazing, and I love her character Laenan), Marianne Curley, Jonathon Stroud, Garth Nix, Lois McMaster Bujold (the Curse of Chalion is one of those books I can read over and over again), Phillip Pullman (personally I prefer his stories about Sally Lockhart to the Dark Materials, though they're still worth a read if you haven't already), Trudi Canavan, Darren Shan, Lee Childs (really good thrillers) and Anne Rice.

Just a couple of notes about the poems I have posted.. I don't often write much poetry actually, these are getting fairly old now but I posted them anyway.

the fall and rise of angels; I LOVE this, I adore it. please, just agree with me? puppy-dog-eyes etc., etc.

the council; not particularly sure where this came from. I remember the last two lines popped into my head, and I was like, hmm... just had to write the rest of it in. Well, I didn't write it as such... more like it wrote itself. Something keeps telling me to write the story of it out, and I think I will in time. It gave me a very realistic scene in my head which was kinda spooky, but does usually prompt me to write something eventually.

wishing for the moon; came about because I was a tad down. I still like it though, just me feeling a tad lonely at the time.

I'm happy to meet other people on here or answer any questions (pigs might fly). I'm on twitter too: @lisajane_w but it's mainly kpop-related spazzing these days.

Last, but not least, a quote I think very relevant, from Groucho Marx;

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog, it's too dark to read..."

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