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Hello, and thank you for checking out my story.

"Going to the Dark Side" I know that the summary isn't that long so heres a longer one.

~~A girl named Mary, is feed up with her life and her family, so she decideds to run away. As she's running away, she runs into someone she would have never in a million years would think of meeting. He takes her away from Earth, to his kingdom and lets her work for him, in return he will give her everthing she could ever wanted. As time past someone will take her breath away and will win her heart. Or will he?~~


And then theres "Dark Secret" heres the summary, well, a long one that is to say... And then theres "" heres the summary, well, a long one that is to say...

~~ Summary: Margaret a 19 year old and her two Cousin (Alyssa 16 and Megan 14).Gofor a driveon an unordinary day in May.. Were their lives will take a turn for worst, when they meet three unordinary strangers.. What happens when they take them far from everything they know and love?.. How will they get out of this?.. And what will happen when one of them falls for one of the unordinary guys?..~~


Well, those are my storys.. They do have cussing in them..

Name: You can call me Monkey. Or MG

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Location: Cali, USA

Newest Book: Way to many!!!

Anything else: I think thats all I'm going to put up here. But I like to ask people not to steal my story, and if there is anything else you would like to know just ask.


1/14/2012- Ok, I haven't been on in like for EVER... but I'm trying to get back into writing. Updates probably wont be for months do to the fact I will be getting married this year. But i will try my best to put something out and finish this stories.

9/26/07- Ok, I got Chapter 6 half way done now I'm going back to look over Chapter 4. I should have it out by tomorrow for I won't be able to do it on Friday or this weekend for I will be out of town and away from my computer.

8/13/07- Ok, I'l be putting chapter 4 up pretty soon. I just finish writing chapter 5 which is really long. I want to a least write half of chapter 6 before I put chapter 4 up. That way I'm a head. So tomorrow or this weekend when I don't work I'll start on chapter 6.

8/2/07- I'm back and I'm bring back my "Going to the Dark Side". Remade and even better.

10/13/05- Ok, I know that I haven't updated in a long time... And I know what you are thinking to, "What is taking her so long?..." Well, to tell you the truth I'm not really happy with the way chapter 4 came out... But don't worry thats just the bad news... The good news is that I'm going to work on it tonight to try and make it better then it is now... And hopefully put it up tomorrow night (Friday night)... But I don't make any promises... I'm trying really hard to get it finish, but work makes me really really tired... So, I'm really sorry...

10/07/05- Hey I got a new book today... And its really weird because the title of the book is just like mine... I think I have to change the title of my story now... Damn... But now on to my story, I've had some time off from work this week, so I've beening trying to finish chapter 4, but I'm not liking it so far.. So, I'm going to try and make it better, so it probably wont be out until next week... I'm Really Really Really SORRY...

9/17/05- Hey very one... I'm just telling you guys that I got a Job so I might not be able to get the next chapter out for some time.. So, please don't get mad at me if it doesn't come out next week.. I'm hoping that it will be out by next week.. Oh, yeah.. Chapter 3 is up.. Go check it out...

9/11/05- Ok, I'm taking off "Going to th Dark Side". I don't have my disk and I wasn't very happy with it. Hopefully I will have time to make it better. So, now the only story I have out is "Dark Secret" which I'm debting on if I should change the title. Well, this are the updates so far. Oh, yeah. Chapter 2 of "Dark Secret" is out, and the next chapter should be out by Thursday or Friday. Thats if theres nothing that I have to do that will take time away from rewriting.

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