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Formerly known as Parody of Pain ("i don't have biting wit or stinging sarcasim, i just bluntly hate people..."

to friends and foes of the common art of writing:

- i have taken an unexcusably long break from writing... *shrugs* i have been living and hope to write about it soon... i always feel taht i am doing one or the other: living/ writing, and can never do/live both because i divorce my writing while i am trying to live, everything written in a passionate fury of life, is a torrent of cacophony and unjustly played notes... so pardon if you will... i feel like i am in the baby stages of my writing all over again...

trying to believe i am more than damaged goods...

meant to update writing pieces... please stay tuned and keep hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.

"a person needs new experiences... something sleeps deep within... the sleeper must awaken"

-Duke Leto Dune

i shall be leaving my home soon... home: the off-white walls bruised by the uncareful hands of four children (myself and three younger)... a warm yard guarded by unkept meadows and annual fields of corn... the
front porch which offered the same country view from its front steps
(where i slid cigarette butts between a slit in the cement and the
first wooden step)... the same roads that led to the same small
towns... the people (even the stereotypical bitches and perverted
assholes who liked to run their mouthes and say shit they couldn't say
to my face... Daniele Gall)... but, to my friends (Hoffa and
Stacey- my big protective sisters who love me no matter how much stupid
shit i go through and bring upon myself, Sumpie- my party gal, thanx
for introducing me to alcohol, Ash- the first person i was litterally
willing "to give an arm for" (-peace Eminem), Zack- for
actually giving a shit or two and for listening to the shit i spin in
my head and not passing judgement, to Brandy, Natalie- a great friend and writer- i wait for the day when the clever boldness of her writing is reflected in her tone of voice, Elaine, to
Fabiola- who always inspired me to be better and had faith in me when i
didn't have any in myself, lastly to my baby brother Shiloh- you are all the warm fuzzy feelings i bury and keep to myself, you are my weakeness, my love, and my baby (butterfly kisses before bed)) i love you guys. i will miss you, i said i
would never miss this place- this home- but you are here, you are home,
and i will miss you... on November 7th of 2006 i will be
leaving and going to basic training in Southern Missouri... if asked or
required i will go to Iraq, because i don't see the point in being a soldier and not going to war when there are things in this life worth fighting for, whether they are right, wrong or pointless, and whether
or not America stands behind the things it used to... until Shiloh come
again, there will always be armies, there will always be war and there
will always be hate and sin... i fight as a soldier of God, more than
anything else...

wish me luck

thank you for all of your
reviews, i have come in contact with some excellent writers, reviewers,
readers and commenters, gracias...

as a guy i know would say...

"suck it easy
fuck face" peace, kj


1. humor-ful jokes

2.meeting new people

3.good, hard core, raw punkrock/emo/screamo bands (SHOUT out to: Foreordained, Elicium, Gregarius, One Day Remains, Sleep Tight Tiger, (my cousin's band:) Sleeping Tiger, Scopata Di Morte, and others as well...

4. Shiloh

5. relaxing with my friends

6. knowing that i no longer have to wake up and go to high school/shitholehandingoutdiplomas (the average American education is unorganized, untraditional, unhelpful for a real future...


1. Matt Thomas (the Ultimate Fuck Face)

2. Daniele Gall- (a real back stabbing See You Next Tuesday)


4. wet sox (esp. in the morning!!)

5. crunchy cereal

6. minty gum (it makes my throat hurt)

7. great movies with that one (or two) bad actor(s) who ruin the entire film... thank you Jennifer Lopez

8. Friends who aren't really your friends because they talk shit behind your back (thank you children of Brown Town!!:) )

9. Ex-boyfriends who think because you made one very big mistake your a fucking whore and a cunt...

10. Ex-boyfriends who proclaimed to love you, but really just want to own you and have you be an ornament on their shelf...

11. aunts and uncles who can't see their own feet and don't have children of their own to vent on so they do so on their brother's children... because they have some really good advice that might come in handy if we prefer their fucked-up,miserable lives to our own

12. family gatherings in general

13. people who expect Big Boy restaraunts to act like McD's (NO WE ARE NOT A FAST FOODs... duh!!)

14. people who bring their uncontrollable-snobby-whiney brats into a sit down restuaraunt... i know your blinded by you love for the little monster, but honestly... if you don't like dealing with their shit, WHY... Would... WE !!!!!!!!!!????????

so there are a lot more things that piss me off, it's just fuel feeding the fire baby...

oh, yeah shout out to the fucking drummer of Necrophalus... fuck face...

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