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Esquirella and jma reunite! The dynamic duo is back to being best buds and here to serve you – you dirty little Zerca-maniacs you – with the best cat-man alien stories you can ask for! So thanks for sticking and we hope you keep enjoying our joint works!

Check out Esqi’s individual stories at –


Check out jma’s individual stories at –


And don’t forget out ZERCAN RPG board! That’s right, folks! Visit-


- and create your own Zercan character or any other character from the Zercan galaxy! Find your mate and settle down into a fun and exciting RPG game where you search, mate, have your kit and fall deeper and deeper into a last in love that only comes in the Zercan universe.

Also is there a chick who writes Zercan fanfiction. All of her stories are based on this Zercan series. Interested? Visit her site, she actually does a pretty nifty job. Heck, we enjoyed them. www.fictionpress.com/~katofclyde

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