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I very routinely forget I even have an account on this site. Seeing my past writing mistakes in all their hideousness, I can see why. These are all pretty terrible things I wrote in high school and you shouldn't read them. I could delete everything, but once you put a thing on an internet it doesn't go away, so I'ma just leave this bad writing here forever. That's the adult way to deal with your secret shame. Curse you 2004-to-2008. That doesn't matter anymore, however, as it's 2013.

Probably going to keep writing. Might not upload anything new here, though.

It is now the awful future of 2015 and my email has reminded me that this website was anything other than a high-school fever dream.
What was I thinking when I was writing this stuff? Those titles... those descriptions.

mozilla let me know that my livejournal page that hasn't existed since

uh, yesteryear

got hacked, so I bravely plunged into the depths of my old email
and people still use this site, huh
is it just me, or did the UI/UX get a little worse
spacebar is strangely sticky typing this out
what's the deal with these double spaces

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