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Well, Im Brandi, or Myurr... or whatever you feel most comfortable calling me, go right ahead.

The story i had on here, i took down its been much to long since i updated it, i felt no point to keep it up.

What i use fictionpress for is to basically search for good writers, or writers with potential. why do i do this? well, because i own a writing forum which is at the moment, my love and joy in life i admit, its small, but the members we do have are wonderful and its amazing making new writer friends when we get one member after another. Its not much, but hopefully one day it will be, and if you are interested(i very much hope you are) visit the link below!

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On another note, when i review your story, i want you to know that whatever i say i do not say it in a mean or harsh way, any criticism you may receive from me is purely to help you better your story, and writing all together. i do not beleive in putting writers down, telling them they are worthless and should just stop writing all together(because there are a few to many of those people on this website). We all have room to grow, and if you have a dream, a goal, a passion, theres no doubt you can become the writer you strive to be.

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