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I hope you like all my future stories ^_~ . Anyway...

I hate Rini because I can stand Usagi being slightly annoying(hah) but I can't stand another one who's such a freaking inbreeder. I mean, what the heck is up with her wanting to get it on with her dad?

Well toodles.
Oh, and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's reviewed and read my stories.

And just for all those people who read this junk! I got this site from Sailor Ronin...and I just wanna have people able to understand Japanese words that are going on in a story if they completely don't go to the site: http:///onldic/jap.html hope that helps people who are clueless on some japanese words!! And for people who need help with finding OTHER words to use to say brown hair and all that you can go to and go to the Thesaurus. Well, Tchao!
P.S. Relena's the village turd.

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