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While reading, it might be best to remember McIntyre's First Law:
"Under the right circumstances, anything I tell you may be wrong."
It is also good to remember O'Brien's First Corollary to McIntyre's First Law:
"We don't know what the right circumstances are, either."

I've been writing for a long time now, though I look at things I wrote four months ago and can see clearly what needs to be revised. If you would like to speed that process along by telling me where and how I messed up, please do. Criticism is very appreciated, and you don't even have to worry about being nice; just tell it like it is. Thank you all for your reviews. Reviews, especially those that are constructive, are my incentive to continue writing. I know that I need to improve and your reviews help me to do so. I will always return the favor, though sometimes it may take awhile.

The ZephalthQ Chronicles

My novels and stories almost always take place in a single world that I have created. The world of Iasai consists of the two main continents of Daro-yth and Evalis, and many, many islands of varying size. My writing will eventually be put into historical order and compiled into the ZephalthQ Chronicles. I actually have bits and pieces of the whole series written out in various stages of completion. I'll post summaries and stuff as I think of new (and old) story ideas. All of these are working titles and summaries:

Way of the Mediator - Seren has always believed that diplomacy can solve anything; Ayla disagrees entirely. But when, in a daring move of arrogance, the shapeshifting Jaykors uprise, the two elves may have to put aside their differences to use might and diplomacy together. Rated T for violence. (This story is only in the stage of rough outline.)

The Alliance War - Princess Telrúnya can only acquire the title of queen if she completes the task her father has set for her to renew the old alliance. But the old alliance is dead and deception is webbed throughout the seemingly simple quest. Rated T for violence. (This was my first story ever written. It is on indefinite hiatus, as I began writing it when I was really young and had no idea what I was doing. I am extremely thankful to Chuggur -one of the best writers here- for making me see how much work it needed before it would be even presentable.)

Spirit of the Dragon - For a long time, Syrora Salas considered her miraculous escape from the clutches of death simple good luck. But then she begins noticing certain changes about herself, some of which land her in trouble. And that’s just about when the dragons show up. Rated T for violence. (This story has a rough outline and random bits written out. I probably won't start really working on it until I'm done with a few others.)

Test of Loyalty - “Choose,” he said, “the nation you were born into or the one that you were raised in - the death of your family or the death of your friends - the life of a spy, alone in the darkness, or the life of a fighter, and a swift death…Poor Evaina,” he whispered. Rated M for violence, torture, and depressing situations. (This story is only in the stage of rough outline.)

Of Shadow and Light - Phyrra; innocent progeny of two nations that have been silently warring for over two centuries. Zaraen; self-described cruel, heartless liar. ZephalthQ; the quintessence of random. Each hold a different part of the key and some don't even know it. Rated M for violence, torture, depressing situations, drug usage. (This story is in progress. I only have 18 of 70+ chapters done.)

Reign of Darkness - A band of adventures are given the basic hero’s test: save the world from impending doom and evil. Only there’s a catch: they’ve already failed. And they didn’t know that when they started. Confused yet? You have no idea. Rated M for violence, torture, depressing situations. (This story is a trilogy within the Chronicles. It has an outline and I’ll probably start working on it next summer.)

The Lone Islands - A voyage to explore the islands surrounding the country of Kamenlad is put at risk by storms, enchantments, and betrayal. The long days at sea can have a harrowing effect on fast friendships, and the seemingly insignificant can be the most destructive. Rated K+ for dangerous situations and other sorts of peril. (This story is in progress. Its outline is completed and I try to post as often as possible. I began writing it again per the request of GRAYTEXT, whom I thank for continuing support.)

Also, I have done minor proofreading for Everlinde Book One: The Sword and the Stars for the author Cayte R Black.

The following are websites which I have found to be invaluable in my development as a writer.
The Craft and the Writer by Will Greenway - The Elements of a Novel by Peder Hill - On Thud and Blunder by Poul Anderson

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‘Every human being has hundreds of separate people living under his skin.
The talent of a writer is his ability to give them their separate names, identities,
personalities and have them relate to the other characters living within him.’

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